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How much education is necessary for veterinarian?


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Usually about 8 years in college

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After high school, an undergraduate degree is necessary. Then application to a veterinary school comes after than. It takes at least six to eight years of postsecondary education to become a veterinarian.

University/College for 8 years. This is only in the USA. In Canada it is depending on when and where to take your studies.

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To become a veterinarian in the United States, you must complete at least three years of undergraduate college then another four years of vet school. Once you are practicing as a veterinarian, you must complete continuing education credits (the specific amount and type varies by State) to maintain your license.

In order to be a veterinarian you have to get your college degree.If you dont get a college degree you cant be a veterinarian. SO GET YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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yes co-education is necessary

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Education is necessary in carring out the business but the idea of the business does not necessarilly need education.

You need to have either a DVM or VMD (if you are a graduate from an American College of Veterinary Medicine) or an equivalent degree from a non-American CVM.

A veterinarian is a doctor, and any doctor must complete a PhD. that is 8 years of college, two years of post-doctorate studies and a minimum of two years as an intern. (the amount of time as an intern varies, depending on what specialty, if any, the veterinarian wished to enter.0 Therefor a veterinarian must have completed at least 12 years of higher education to receive his/her license to practice.

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In the United States it takes at least seven years of college to become a veterinarian.

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how much is college to become a veterinarian IT is 900000000000000000000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000no seriously

People that become a veterinarian usually stay one their entire career. Becoming a veterinarian is not easy. It takes a lot of work and education.

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The average pay for veterinarian assistants in Canada is $25.000 or $$12.38 per hour based on education and experience.

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There is much more scope for a Veterinarian after MBA.

Education is necessary because without it you will not succeed. It is important to gain knowledge because there is never a limit to how much knowledge you can get. Being educated will result in a better job and that will result in a better future all around.

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