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How much electricity does a fridge in a garage cost to operate?


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This can be only calculated by knowing what the wattage draw of the fridge is and what the utility company charges you per kilowatt hour. To find the wattage multiply the amps times the volts of the fridge. To find the kilowatt/hour you are charged, look on your utility bill or call the company and ask what you are charged per kilowatt hour.

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The cost depends on what settings you have, where the unit is located (ie. will cost more in the garage) and the rates of your local utility. You can get an estimated cost if you check the website for the model you have.

To answer this question two more values need to be stated. One is the cost of electricity in your area and the second is how long does the appliance operate in an hour interval. Electricity is sold in kilowatts/hour.

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To answer this question two more values need to be stated. One is the cost of electricity in your area and the second is how long does the appliance operate in an hour interval. Electricity is sold in kilowatts/hour.

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It depends on the fridge. Newer fridges are generally more efficient, so would use less electricity, although size is a definite factor. There should be sufficient information on the fridge to determine watts, though you may have to calculate. Watts = amps x volts. Volts = 120. I'd use 120 to avoid underestimating. In any case, running a fridge only for beer is an avoidable cost unless you make better use of it. Replacing an old fridge and a separate freezer with a newer'' more efficient fridge with useable freezer space probably uses less electricity than 2 older appliances.

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