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Males 15-18 12.4 MJ 19-24 12.2 MJ Females 15-18 8.9 MJ 19-24 9.1 MJ 1000 KJ = 1 MJ (just so you know!!)

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Q: How much energy should a teenager consume in 1 day?
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How much vitamins should a teenager consume daily?


How much energy does that average teenager consume?

About 1,800 calories a day, on average.

How much saturated fat should a teenager consume?

about 26 grams

How much sugar should an average teenager consume daily?


How much sugar does the average teenager consume in one year?

a teenager consumes 200 pounds a year

How much energy should a teenager have?

loads they are the best and the most funny people ever!

How much fat should a teenager eat per day?

Its not how much fat you should eat it is how many calories you consume. You should not be eating fat but calories because that is what keeps your body working correctly.

How much energy does a portable air conditioner consume?

When buying a portable air conditioner, you should worry about how much energy in which they consume. Seen as they are DC, they will not consumer as much as say an AC air conditioner which is powered from the mains.

How much should a teenager exercise?

A teenager should excercise 60 minutes a day

How much energy does US consume of world's total energy?


How much energy will your horse consume if you participate in a lesson on Howrse?

Energy; -15

How much natural sugar should you consume a day?

You should consume as little amount of sugar as possible

How much sodium should an adult consume daily and how much is too much?

An adult should consume no more than 2,300-2,400mg each day.

How much of the worlds energy resources does the us consume?


How much energy does Iceland consume per capita?


How much of this Electrolyte should you consume?

Which electrolyte?

How much vitamin a should you consume?


How much Halloween candy does an average teenager consume?

A crap load. Other than those kids who have dentists as parents!

How much water should adults consume?

8 glasses but you really should not drink that much also you can consume(drink) more or less if you wish to

How much energy does a power plant consume while producing energy?

The question is too vague to answer.

How much fruit should a teenager eat?

a lot

How much is it for a teenager to get into the movies?

Should be the same as adults.

Why do teenagers need fats in their diets?

Teenagers, unlike their adult counterparts, have a much higher metabolism, which is the rate of which your body consumes fat for energy. They need more fats in their diet to fuel their body. Adults on the other hand, if they consume the same that a teenager would consume, they would experience weight gain.

Energy consumed after eating an apple?

after eating an apple you consume a lot of energy if it would fall out off a tree you would consume more energy if you drop it from a small tree then it does not have as much energy as if you drop it from a big tree.

Does the average teenager consume too much sodium?

the average FAT teenager does i mean really eat them hamburgers fries hotdogs chili pizza the average FAT teenager does i mean really eat them hamburgers fries hotdogs chili pizza