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As much as necessary.

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Q: How much feces should be collected for a specimen?
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It looks very similar to human feces, but much smaller.

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Feces should normally be a medium brown. However, it is not a cause for alarm if it is temporarily some other color that is attributed to what you eat. If you drink a lot of purple or blue drinks, your feces will be green. If you are getting a little too much iron supplements or you ate a lot of chocolate, your feces may be grey or dark. If you eat a lot of cheeses and dairy, or a lot of fatty foods, your feces may be pale.If your feces is some odd color for sometime, particularly if it is very dark or very light, and especially if there are any other symptoms such as pain, anemia, or bleeding, you should see a doctor.

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A ton.

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If the specimen you are trying to measure is shorter than the standard, you can use a different unit. After the measurement is completed, you can convert to the standard unit.

When you give blood how much is collected in a vial?

1 pint is collected

Is there a chemical that is in human feces that tastes like vanilla?

Yes there is. It is called endoplasmic septum. It has a strong resemblance to vanilla when ingested, assuming however, the human feces is still warm from body heat. If you allow too much time between when the bowl movement occurred and when the specimen is consumed, the vanilla aspect is lost. However, if the feces is consumed directly from the donor, you will get the best flavor as well as a soothing warmth for the throat muscles. Hope this helps!

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