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How much fish can a seal eat in one day?


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How much fish can a seal eat in one day? We are still working on "how much fish can seal eat in one day?"

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Yes a seal does eat fish.

elephant seals can eat up to 200 big fish every two days! but that is only a small seal. a fully grown adult elephant seal could eat up to 1000 fish a day

An adult seal can weigh up to 500 pounds and needs to eat enough fish daily to equal 8 percent of their body weight. For seals to maintain their weight they need to eat 40 pounds of fish per day.

a leopard seal eats 5 penguins a day depending on its size and its appetite it usually hunts for 4.5kg of fish but it prefers penguin

Seal cubs (pups) eat fish. I'm not sure what type of fish but I know they eat mainly fish.

they eat the amount of 20 fish a day

A harp seal eats a Greenland fish and fuzzy fish

Up to a thousand which means it can probably eat a thousand lbs

No Seals eat fish.

The harbor seal will eat most fish, they love to eat salmon

Seal eat Squid, fish, penguins, and some eat other seals.

A adult Weddle seal eats 110 lbs. a day. A sedentary adult will eat 22 lbs.

I think a Harp Seal Does Eat Fish And Cod Because Seals Are Big And Fish And Cod Are Small . (It Depends On What Kind Of Fish And Cod It Is )

no they eat mostly fish

it depends on the seal but some eat krill. The leopard seal dose not eat krill and eats fish and other seals

a Weddell seal can eat fish, Krill and other small marine mammals

Seals will eat many small fish, such as trout or cod.

There is no required amount of fish that humans should eat in a day. Many humans go days without fish, and some people never eat fish.

10 pounds of fish per day according to woodshole

Atleast 2 times a day, deppen on the breed of fish.

They eat penguins,fish and Krill.

Rabbits are vegetarians so they don't eat meat or fish.

it eats krill and fish

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