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A guinea pig always needs food. They basically run, eat, and sleep, generally. So you should have constant hey and pellets for the pigs and occasional treats.

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How much fruits and veggies are guinea pigs allowed to eat in 1 day?

They can have a lot of food in one day. Guinea pigs should have 3 different foods a day (not including dry food)

How much food does a guinea pig eat in 1 day?

Make sure you keep food available all the time for the guinea pig since they eat day and night. And so the quantity, read the directions of each individual food for your guinea pig since it can change with each different food brand.

How much paper should a guinea pig eat a day?

Guinea pigs shuoldnt eat paper! they eat hay every day.

When do guinea pigs eat their food?

One of the reasons a guinea pig has "pig" in their name is because they eat so much. It isn't really how much they eat. These animals will snack all day long. There isn't a spacific time when they eat at all.

How much do guinea pigs eat in a day?

Well, they normally eat for 6 hours a day. Does that help?

How much food does a rabbit eat in a day?

How much does a bunny eat in a day?

How much should guinea pigs drink and eat?

you just put in the food and water. Your guinea pig will eat and drink until it is full.

How much food do humans eat in a day?

How much food does the average human eat?

How much food does a human eat a day?

The real question is, how much food do You eat?

Can a guinea pig eat hamster or gerbil food?

guinea pigs can never eat anything but guinea pig food. hamster food does not have the right nutrients

How much should a guinea pig eat?

a cup a day of veggies

How much lettuce should a guinea pig have a day?

gunea pigs should eat abuot 1 to 2 leafs a day(not including other food in the meal).

Do guinea pigs have to eat hay every day?

YES they are not hamsters who store food

What food do they eat for equatorial guinea armed forces day?

grass,fruits,and vegitalbals

How much food do pigs eat?

Guinea pigs eat 2 meals every 12hours you feed them

Can guinea pigs eat hedgehog food?

No, guinea pigs should not eat food meant for other animals.

How much do guinea pigs eat?

a guinea pig will eat atleast 8 oz. per day.Guinea pigs don't eat much pellet foods, but they should eat a small amount (about a cup full) of cut of fruit and veg twice a day. They should always have hay (preferably timothy hay) available which guinea pigs will usually eat a lot of. They should have this everyday.

How much food you eat a day?

a lot of food

How much food does a Triceratops eat in one day?

i think triceratops eat 1000 food day

How often do guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs eat twice a day.

Can guinea pigs eat Oreos?

No, guinea pigs should not eat human food.

What and how much do guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs can eat all sorts of different foods. They can eat apples, oranges, carrots, celery, kiwi, and lots of other fruits and vegetables. They can also eat guinea pig food from the pet stores and timothy hay. A fully grown guinea pig eats about one hand full of guinea pig food daily plus some hay. Various fruits and vegetables can be mixed into the guinea pig's diet also. Enough food for a whole day should be given daily, but fruits and vegetables shouldn't be left in a guinea pig's cage for a long period of time.

What specific food can a guinea pig eat?

Normally guinea pigs eat guinea pig food. In alternative, you can feed them lettuce, carrots, apples, etc.

How much should you feed your guinea pig?

well if you give your guinea pig food and when he eats it all and there is no more food in his food bowl you should refill it again. guinea pigs eat a lot but you can also set a schedule on feeding your guinea pig.

How much food can a cat eat in one day?

cats can eat about 3 plate of food in one day