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it will have either 13 0r 16gal capacity. i HAVE 4CYL 2.3 GL 4DR AND IT HAS 16 GAL TANK.

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โˆ™ 2006-11-28 04:23:22
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Q: How much gas does a 4 cylinder 1992 ford tempo hold?
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What is the torque spec for a front wheel bearing on a 93 ford tempo fwd 4-cylinder?

center nut 180-200 ft lbs. put wheel on ground with tire on for resistance. may be someone hold brakes on.

How much oil does 2009 ford focus hold?

A four cylinder 2009 Ford Focus hold 4.5 quarts of oil.

How many gallons of gas does a 1992 Mazda B2200 hold?

The 1992 Mazda B2200 will hold close to 17 gallons of gas. The 1992 Mazda B2200 is a four-cylinder vehicle.

How many gallons of gas does 1992 Ford Explorer hold?

I believe the 1992 Ford Explorer 4 door holds 19.3 U.S. gallons

How many gallons of gas does a 1997 4-cylinder Ford Escort Hold?

12 gal

How to adjust the clock IN A 1994 Ford Tempo?

Press and hold the volume knob in use the tune and select buttons to change hour and minute respectively

How many gallons of gas does 2004 ford escape hold?

16 U.S. gallons ( four cylinder and V6 )

How many gallons of gas does a 1992 Ford Taurus hold?

it eithers hold 16 or 18.5 depends on model. MY 92 Ford Taurus GL, 3.0L, V6, holds about 15 gallons. -Jajo ;)

What is the fuel capacity 1990 4-cylinder 2.3 Ford Ranger?

All I know is the 1992 2.3L truck held about 16 gallons. I bet yours is about the same. The Super Cabs with the V-6 motors hold about 20.

How much does a 1993 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder gas tank hold in gallons?

I have a '93 Ford Explorer and it hold 19 gallons From the Chilton Ford Ranger guide: "1993 Ranger with standard wheelbase: 16.3 1993 Ranger with long wheelbase: 19.6"

How many gallons of gas will a 1992 ford explorer hold?

I believe the 4 door holds 19.3 U.S. gallons

How do you replace the alternator on a 1998 Ford Contour 4 cylinder?

loosen the serpretine belt tension and remove the two bolt that hold the alternator

How big a cylinder will one milli on gallon hold?

How big a cylinder will one million gallons hold

How many quarts of oil does a 1998 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder hold?

According to the 1998 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change : The 2.5 liter four cylinder engine takes : ( 4.5 U.S. quarts of 5W-30 )

How many gallons does cylinder hold?

Depends how big cylinder is

How many gallons does a 1992 ford explorer gas tank hold?

I believe the 4 door holds 19.3 U.S. gallons

How much gas does the 1992 ford econoline 150 hold?

the tank size is 35 gallons therefore it holds 35 gallons of gas

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1990 Ford Tempo?

The primary fuel filter on a 1990 Ford tempo is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It is a cylinder about 3 inches long and 3 inches in diameter, to remove it you will have to remove 2 screws that were placed into the strut tower adn remove the hoses attached (htere may be pressure in the lines as it is a pressurized fuel system) to remove the hoses you must remove the white clips that hold the hoses in place by carefully spreading the clips over the retainer (must be replaced if broken) the hoses will just slip off

How much oil does a 1968 mustang 6-cylinder hold?

I believe the 200 cubic inch straight 6 cylinder in a 1968 Ford Mustang takes (4.5 U.S. quarts ) with engine oil filter change

How much does a 2008 Ford Ranger 6-cylinder gas tank hold in gallons?

According to the 2008 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : ( the SuperCab body style has a 19.5 U.S. gallon fuel tank )

How many quarts of oil does a 1992 ford expolrer hold?

That should be 5 quarts with engine oil filter change for your 4.0 L - V6

How much water will a 4 inch cylinder 20 feet long hold?

A cylinder with these dimensions will hold up to 13.06 gallons of water.

What is the difference between pipette and graduated cylinder?

Pipette can hold a small amount of liquid but a graduate cylinder can hold more and its good for accuracy.

How many quarts of oil does a 4 cylinder 2.0 liter 1999 ford contour hold?

4.5 quarts WITH ENGINE OIL FILTER CHANGE , according to the owners manual

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Ritenuto means to hold back or suddenly decrease the tempo for a dramatic effect.