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Let's assume the 'average' person drives 20 miles round trip to work each week, and another 30 miles for errands, etc.

20 x 5 = 100 miles for work + 30 for all else = 130 miles (avg) per week.

If we figure the 'average' car gets 24 MPG, then divide 24 into 130, which = 5.41 gallons of fuel each week. Multiply 5.41 x 52 (weeks) and that equals = 281.32 gallons.

You can plug whatever numbers apply to your usage and come up with a total.

Here's a rough estimate based on general numbers. On average the personal vehicle is driven 12,000 miles. The average efficiency is 21.5 miles per gallon. So the average gasoline used by each vehicle is 580 gallons annually. According to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics there were 250,844,644 registered passenger vehicles in 2006. The population of the USA is 300,000 people. So automobiles times gallons per auto, divided by persons comes to 486 gallons of gas per person.

If you want to include just drivers, and not every person, there are about 200,000 drivers in the USA according to the Federal Highway Commission. So each automobile driver uses on average 729 gallons per year.

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Q: How much gasoline does the average person use each year?
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