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How much hp does an electric vehicle need?

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drag coeff =.2 front area =6ft wide by 4ft high 24 sq ft coeff * sqft =5 sq ft about hiway speed 100ft/sec 8% grade 8ft /sec up times car weight of 2000 lbs 16000 ftlb/sec divide by 550 ft/sec for hp = about 30 hp + drag drag = about 20hp ans 50 hp about

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What size hydraulic motor is needed to be equal to a 3 hp electric motor?

1 HP electric motor = 1.5 HP hydraulic motor so for a 3 HP electric motor you would need a 4.5 HP hydraulic motor. Also for your information a 1 HP hydraulic motor = 1 2/3 HP gasoline engine.

How much horsepower is 1 kWh?

1.34 hp (electric)

How much copper in a 5000 HP electric motor built in 1942?

A lot!

How much torque does a 150 hp electric motor have?

A 150 HP electric motor will have approximately 280 foot pounds of torque output. Torque is used mostly at low speeds to get loads moving.

How do you connect power to a 1.5 hp electric motor?

Need to know the voltage for proper connection procedures.

How many amps to 1 hp?

None - hp is power, amperes are electric current. You need a figure for volts as well as current. 1hp is roughly .75kW

What size generator do you need to move a 30 hp electric motor?

A 5 kW generator would turn it over but if the full 30 hp of mechanical power is needed, that would require about 30 kW of electric power from the generator.

How many hp in 4500 watts?

4,500 watts is 6.03 electric hp.

What size hp electric motor do you need for a 80 foot boat?

There are no standard electric OUTBOARD motors made for a boat that large. While submarines and sightseeing boats may use electric motors, they are not outboards, and are designed for the hull shape and size. The largest electric outboard I have seen is 3 hp- suitable for a 14 ft boat.

How much hp does a Chevy 305 have?

impossible to gauge without knowing the vehicle car/truck, mileage and year, or modifications, after 1995 they came in trucks with 230 hp.

How many horse powers does checy volt have?

It has a 149 HP electric motor and a 4 cylinder engine that powers a 74 HP generator that recharges the battery pack. The vehicle is solely powered by the battery pack and is not a hybrid in the truest sense.

How much does a 1988 Yamaha 40 hp outboard weigh?

Mine, with electric start and manual tilt, weights 160lbs.

How fast is 17 horse power in kph?

Horse power is "Power" it is not speed. You would need more HP to be able to drive a large vehicle at the same speed as a small vehicle.

How much hp stock 400 put out?

depending on the year and what vehicle it came from and with what options they are pretty close to 245hp-260hp

How much hp does a Trans Am 350 v8 have?

We need the year of the T/A to tell you.

How much copper in a 100 HP electric motor 100 HP electric Chicago air compressor motor?

The amount of copper in a particular motor is not determined by horsepower only, there is no relationship between the total weight of MAGNET WIRE to the HORSEPOWER of an electric motor. Determining factors are the vintage, frame, make, speed, and frame designation.

Is Peavey HP Signature EXP Electric Guitar a solid body electric guitar?


How many kw are required to run 200 hp electric motor?

200 hp requires about 149kW

How much Kw is required to run an electric motor producing 800 HP to run a 35 metre yacht?

600 KW

How much does it cost to run a 5 hp electric motor for 1 hour drawing 15 amps per line?


How much hp has a rocket?

rocket what? an engine?, need to know the year and engine size.

How much hp does a hypertech give?

it all depends on the vehicle but according to the information i looked up you gain around 12-20 horsepower

What size electric motor will replace a 16 hp gas motor?

Horsepower is horsepower, so a 16 hp electric motor could, on the surface, replace a 16 hp gas motor. Things to consider, however, include RPM and torque. Gas engines are inefficient, to replace a 16 hp gas engine it would take only a 8 hp electric. standard closest size would be a 10 hp. I have done this several times on air compressors and hydraulic pumps.

How much HP is 190cc?

About 6.5 hp.

How much damage do you need to do to beat raquaza in red rescue team?

rayquaza has 575 HP