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It's not a U.S. "Silver Dollar". The U.S. did not exist in 1775 and the first dollar coin was struck in 1794.

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Q: How much is 1775 silver US dollar to day?
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How much does a gram of silver cost?

The price of silver varies from day to day. Today´s price for one gram of silver is about 0,88 dollar

How much is a 1988 silver dollar worth?

spot price for the day you sell it....

How much is a Morgan silver dollar from1880 worth?

in this day zero dollars

Value of 1951 Canadian silver dollar?

The intrinsic value of a 1951 Canadian silver dollar would be limited to the value of the silver it contains on the day of sale. However, a 1951 dollar in MS or fine condition can be worth as much as 500 dollars to a collector.

How much is a 1999 American eagle panted silver dollar worth?

The U.S. Mint does not issue painted coins. The value of one which has been painted is based on the value of the silver in the coin which varies day to day.

1921 silver dollar value?

Very common date, on a high silver value day, roughly $35.00

How much is a silver certificate one dollar bill worth with c at the end of the serial number?

If the bearer can redeem the note into silver metal, I would guess it is worth the going price of silver on the day the bearer exchanges it or sells the metal.

What day of the week was April 19 1775?

19 April 1775 was a Wednesday.

Day of the week for 13 October 1775?

13 October 1775 was a Friday.

What day of the week was December 17 1775?

December 17 1775 was a Sunday.

What day of the week was it on July 6 1775?

July 6, 1775 is the 187th day of the year 1775 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 178 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Thursday

How much is a silver dollar worth regardless of date?

When selling to a collector, depending on such factors as date, mint mark, condition, and accuracy of the striking, a silver dollar can be worth any where from $16.00 to over $50,000.00. When selling the coin based on weight and silver content, the coin is only worth the market value of silver on the day you sell the coin. Most U.S. silver dollars which were struck for circulation have a 90% silver content. Also, dollar coins made for circulation and dated 1971 or later are not silver. They're either copper-nickel or brass.

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