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The market closed at $40.07 on 7-22-11 per ounce.

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I found out it is about 38.00

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Q: How much is 1 troy oz of silver worth july 2011?
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How much is 1 troy ounce of silver worth today?

$40.63, as of Monday July 18, 2011.

How much is silver worth in 2009?

Today, July 2, 2009 silver is selling for $13.42 per ounce.

How much is a 1988 1oz fine silver dollar coin worth?

As of 21 July 2016, one 1oz Silver Eagle is worth just over $19.

How much is 10 ounces Johnson Matthey Silver worth?

As of July 2009, nearly $153.68.

How much is .999 silver worth today?

One ounce of .999 silver was worth approximately $21.00 in July 2014. The price of silver and all precious metals fluctuates with supply and demand and the stock market.

How much is Revlon Inc worth on the market?

As of July 2011 around $15 per share.

How much is a 99.99 percent silver dollar worth?

If the silver content is that pure, then it's some kind of silver bullion round rather than a coin used for spending. As of 18 July 2012, silver is worth $27.18 per ounce.

How much is a 1779 silver dollar worth?

How much is a 1779 coin worth in the us

How much is a tenth ounce 999 silver freedom au minting worth?

Using today's (27 July 2012) silver price of $27.70 per ounce, 1/10 of an ounce is then worth $2.77.

How much is a 2011 silver eagle worth?

The value of a 2011 silver eagle depends on its condition and current market price for silver. As of September 2021, a 2011 silver eagle in average uncirculated condition may be worth around $30-35. However, it's recommended to check a reputable coin dealer or online marketplace for the most updated price.

How much is a 1922 silver dollar?

1922 is by far the most common date for Peace silver dollars. As of 1 July 2013, one is worth a little under $20.

How much is a 1903-0 ms65 silver dollar worth?

August 2011>> This coin in MS-65 uncirculated grade is worth approx. $700 according to Numismedia.