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How much is Nintendo DS WiFi?


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All Nintendo DS consoles have built in Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You only have to pay for what your internet company charges you.


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You get it automaticly in the DS

You need the Nintendo DS Browser and Wifi access.

What can detect your DS? Please be more specific. From what I gather, your saying that the Nintendo WiFi USB Connector (WiFi USB) can dtect your DS but not your DS cannot detect 'it'. WiFI USB cannot detect Nintendo DS's unless it is connected to it. So, the Nintendo DS would have to be able to detect the Wifi USB for it to be able to detect the DS. ThE AvEnGeR

Yes. All versions of the Nintendo DS have Wi-Fi.

To get Nintendo DS wifi you need to either have a wireless internet connection,have the Nintendo DS WiFi USB thingy attached to a PC with internet acesss, or be at a Wifi hotspot. So really, it all depends on how much the place sponsoring the hotspot requires, or how much your internet costs. So in a way, its free, but not totally. I hope i wasn't too confusing @_@ !

Indeed-- If you have WiFi with a DSi you can go on the internet.

Yes, you need the Nintendo DS WiFi USB adaptor to access the internet.

for ds and ds lite get a game with wifi connection and select the wifi setup, then search for an access point on one of the three slots. You have to have wireless internet to do this, or the Nintendo wifi adapter, which is kinda crappy.

Nintendo wifi is a free service to all wii and ds users all though it depends on what kind of internet you have if you don't have internet that can support Nintendo wifi you will need to purchase a wifi adapter.

if wifi means connect with other players than it aready has wifi

Nintendo wifi is a feature only available with the Nintendo wii and Nintendo ds/ds lite/dsi. the basic idea is that you connect to the internet and play games. heres how to get connected: you need- a wireless router, a broadband high speed connection, a ds/ds lite/dsi, and a wifi game. once you have got all these things, simply set your wifi settings-should be an option in the game- and then get connected!

i think you have to have a special card or something.

You need a Wifi Connection or Wireless Connection just like a Nintendo Wii

no, usually if you have a router or a DS compatible access point you do not need a wifi usb stick

Nintendo WFC comes with the DS, to use it connect your DS to a WiFi Network, which could usually be found in a Mcdonalds.

No, as long as your Nintendo DS can pickup a wireless connection, you can still connect to Nintendo WFC.

To connect wifi to your Ds you must have a DSi or a Nitendo WIFI USB Connector for about $60.

on the main interface of the ds click on picto chat or ds download play

No, as it uses local WiFi connections.

Every single ds, ds lite, dsi, and dsi XL comes with built in wifi. To get to it, you have to have a wifi compatible game, and there will be wifi settings somehwhere on the game. You have to edit the settings. But i cant help you there. :)

Wifi dose work on Nintendo ds but you have to be in a place that has free wifi and it also depends on if you have a game that uses wifi. Here are some suggestions of places that should have wifi star bucks, some safe ways may have it, or you can buy it for about $15 a month and up. good luck

No. Unfortunately, there aren't any NDS emulators that can simulate the DS Wifi system and successfully log in to the GTS.

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