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mabey this will help ..i have a 12 gauge in poor condition and was told it was worth $500 .00 if fixed up who knows.hoped that helped some

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Q: How much is Remington The sportsman 16 gauge with a Browning Patent- manufactured in 1931 worth?
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How do you dismantle the bolt of a Browning patent Remington 1100 12 gauge sportsman serial?

Best left to a qualified gunsmith.

What is the year and value of a Remington Sportsman with 4 digit serial number S6712 with Browning Patent on barrel?

You can sell it to a bunch of gang bangers for like $400 and some crack rock.

What is the value of a Remington rifle made under a 1916 Browning patent?

Here's a place where you can get the answer to your question.

What is the value of the Remington shotgun that is on a Browning patient?

You are referring to, I assume, the model 11 or Sportsman. Remington produced these guns under the Browning patent in the United States during the 1940s. I am looking for an answer to a similar question and I have not gotten an answer yet, but from people I have talked to I am told that good condition gun would fetch somewhere in the $250-$350 range, depending. From a collector or resale standpoint, it seems that Browning A-5's held their value more compared to the Remingtons.

Remington 12A serial number 491477. Last date stamped on barrel is April 16 1912. Any idea when it was manufactured?

Is was made in 1919, that is the patent date. I suspect I have the patent posted in the patent section of the Gallery on the Remington Society of America if you want to see it...

When did Remington manufacture The Speedmaster 22 LR semi-automatic built on the Browning patent and what is the value?

Have one that was made in 1943

When was my Remington Browning Patent 249748 made?

browning and Remington are two different companies, its not possible to have one companies gun under another companies patent.I beg to differ! I have a Remington model 81 woodmaster in 300sav.caliber that is made by remington and has John M.Brownings patent marked right on the barrel.Brownings patent for the remington models 8,and 81 were from the year 1900.The Remington model 8 was made from 1906-1936,and the model 81 from 1936-1950.All Winchester model 1886 rifles were made under a patent frpm John M.Browning.If you can re-post your question with the model number of your Remington,and caliber along with a 2 or 3 letter code found on the barrel of your firearm,I will be able to date your firearm for you.

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Browning Auto-5 serial A17xxx marked Browning Arms Company St. Louis Missouri?

Browning turned over the patent in 1940-1946.Your ser#a17xxx is most likely made by Remington. The Remington called it a Model 11.Serial #'s that include a letter states this...A=16ga,B=12ga,C=20ga.It's most likely your gun was manufactured in the W.W.2 era.If it looks like "Old Hump back" but has no indication of the words Browning on it ...It's a Remington. Remington shotguns from that era usually stated "United Metalic Cartrige Company". To be more clear, you have an "American Browning" made by Remington under contract to Browning. These guns were contracted by Browning to keep in business while FN in Belgium was under occupation by the Germans during WWII. Although they were made on the same equipment that Remington made the model 11, they are not considered Remingtons. The Remington plant included the magazine cutoff by the insistance of Browning, a feature that Remington model 11's never had. There was great resistance by Remington Management and workers to make these guns for Browning, but because of the relationship that John Browning and the Browning family had with Remington in the earlier part of the Century, the Remington Board agreed to do this favor for Browning. American Brownings were made from 1940 to 1949. Your serial number "A" stands for 16ga and it was actually in the 12,000 block of guns made. Under request of Browning the serial numbers started with 5000 for each guage. At the end of 1946, Remington had made a total of 10,783 16 guage guns and a total of another 3017 guns in 1947. Your gun was made in 1947.

Sportsman grill made by Atlanta Stove Works CO patent number on grill is NO6.125.446-125.447 how do you find out year this piece was manufactured?

we dont know do you ?

What is the value of 'The Sportsman' Remington auto-shotgun purchased new in the late 30s or early 40s?

OK, by finding the Sportsman in an old reference I discover that it is the Model 11C. When I find that model in a newer book, it is indeed built under license from FN using the Browning Auto 5 patent. Suggested value in NRA Very Good condition is $250 and $300 in Excellent.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Remington and Sons double barrel shotgun serial 7439 marked with a patent date of April 10 1872 and 'ATC0.1871'?

E. Remington and Sons (predecessor to Remington Arms Co) manufactured firearms in Ilion, New York, from 1860 to 1888.

Where can you get an online picture of a browning model 11 with compensator 12 ga shotgun?

This is probably a Remington model 11. It was made on Brownings patent for the auto 5. try a google search using IMAGES, and type in Remington model 11. auto5man

What is the age of a browning blr 308 patent no 3377731?

You will have to call Browning to find out.

What is the value of a 12 gauge auto manufactured by the Remington arms co ivion nyusa with a brownings patent of oct 6 1900 model 75987?

100-300 USD

What is the age of savage model 720 16 gauge shotgun manufactured under browning patent?

This model was made by Savage between 1930 and 1949. Dates by Serial are unknown

Who will get the old Oxycontin patent in 2011?

Once a patent expires, the invention can be manufactured by anyone.

What is the value of a Browning 12 ga serial patent 2203378-223386?

There was a Browning 12 gauge with the patent 2203378-223386, that was sold for $999.00 at an online auction.

Was there ever a 16 gauge Remington shotgun built under a browning Patton?

Yes.The Remington model 11 auto loader shotgun which could be had in either 12 gauge or 16 gauge was made under a patent agreement with John Browning.These shotguns were made from 1911-1948.

What is the age of browning blr caliber 308 only patent no 3377731?

Go to the Browning website, look under Customer Service. You will need the serial number, not a patent number.

This Ranger 12 ga has a Browning patent?

OK, what is your question?

What is a valiant shotgun with a browning patent?

Stevens 520 pump

Why does your Western Field 16 gauge shotgun have a Browning patent?

I would have to assume that you have a semi-auto shotgun.If your shotgun has a slight hump to the back of the reciever then it was a shotgun made with a browning patent and would have to be listed on the gun along with the royaltys paid to his patent.

Can you give you the year and the value of a Stevens Browning 16 gage model 620 serial number U66622 that was manufactured in Chico pee Falls Mass?

It's a Stevens gun, not a Browning. The barrel is marked 'Browning Patent' but that is the extent of Browning's involvement with that shotgun. They were made before WW2 and sell for $100-$150 in typical shape.

Value the Remington 44 pomp year 1912?

Remington didn't make a 44 pump and I suspect the year is actually a patent date your reading on the barrel which is not the manufactured date. If it's a 22lr with no markings it's probably a model 12. Value is GREATLY determined by condition for which none is supplied.

Where can you get information on a Browning Auto 5 12 gauge gun with serial number B31398 and stamped St. Louis Missouri?

This gun was probably produced during WWII by Remington. While the Nazi's took over the Belgium plant, Remington produced the Auto-5 under the Browning patent. The B stands for 12ga (A=16Ga, C=20Ga) and the 31398 is the serial #. As far as I can tell, Remington built these guns from 1940 until 1946 when production went back to Belgium