How much is Skyrim today?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How much is Skyrim today?
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How much is Skyrim?

In the US its about $60.

Should you get assasain's creed iii or Skyrim?

I played both, and I would recommend Skyrim. There is simply much more you can do in it.

How much does the DLC for Skyrim cost?

19.99 USD.

How much does Dawnguard for Skyrim cost?

It costs £12.99

How much will Skyrim cost for PC?

60us dollars

How much is Skyrim on xbox 360?

29.00 dollars

Recomended hardware for Skyrim?

as long as you have 2gb of ram, which is how much Bethesda have restricted Skyrim to use on any computer ( without the use of a mod), you should be able to run Skyrim, mediocrely

How much money is a Skyrim?

the continent of skyrim is quite expensive, as you would have to kill jarl ulfric to obtain it. So about 7 cents.

How much does Skyrim cost in America?

New= 59.99 sir

Do you play Skyrim?

Rarely but yes i do play Skyrim on the xbox360. My fiancee plays much more than me though. It is a great game in my opinion.

Which is better gears of war 3 or Skyrim?

In my opinion, Skyrim is the best game of the year. It will keep you entertained much longer than any other.

How much health does the draugr deathlord have in Skyrim?

1300 health points.