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Your gold is worth approximately $1.15.

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HGE is hard gold electroplate, so its not gold, and has no value

At today's gold prices, that is about $116 worth of gold. The value of the bracelet will depend on how it is made, and will be worth more than the metal value of the gold alone.

If you had 2 gold bars weighing 5 grains each, and are .999 proof how much would they be worth?

it depends on the weight and material of the coin. for instance: silver weighing 1/2 lb is less that gold weighing 1/3 lb.

I have gold 535 ring weighing 2ozs. Can you tell me roughly how much this would be worth

As of the time this answer was written, gold was going for a bit under $40 per gram. 24K gold is pure gold, so 100 milligrams (0.1g) would be worth about $4.

At most a few milligrams, not enough to make it worth trying to recover. Plus, the coin itself is copper-nickel so it's only worth 50 cents.

Depends on what the material is your weighing

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300 mg. of gold is exactly 0.010582 of an ounce. Not very much, I believe at the cost of gold currently, it would be equal to about $11.56 worth of gold. This price litterly changes minute by minute

how much is 111 g.m of gold worth

The wait depends on how often you're weighing weights, how much weight you're weighing and how much weight you want to lose. Weighing weights may even cause you to gain weight, but you'll be much fitter for it so weighing weights is worth the wait.

15 milligrams = 0.000482261199 troy oz multiply that by the current price of gold per ounce....(as of 12/23 $1607 per ounce). That works out to about 78 cents worth of gold haha. Those commercials with the "Gold" coins are a huge scam Get TODAY's quote with link below.

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