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1921 is the most common date for the Morgan Dollar series. In circulated condition it's worth about $14

1884 & 1888 are common dates too. In circulated condition they're worth $15-$16 apiece.

You can check the backs for rare mint-marks. If they have one, it would be located above the "DO" in DOLLAR.

On the 1884, look for a "CC". It will make your coin worth $70 or more.

On the 1888, look for an "S". It will make your coin worth $30-$60 or more.

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Dan Moore The Working Man's Rare Coins

Also please note that ALL U.S. coins bear the motto "E Pluribus Unum" ("From many, one") so this is not a distinguishing characteristic of a coin. The denomination, date, mint mark, and condition are the most helpful characteristics to start with.

Common date silver dollars made prior to 1936 are worth at least the bullion value of silver it contains. To find the value (which can change on a daily basis depending on the spot price of silver) multiply .77344 times the spot price and

that will give you the bullion value of the coin. Bullion values can be found on such websites as or

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Q: How much is a 1884 a 1888 and 1921 E Pluribus Unum dollar coin worth?
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How much is a 1884 a 1888 and 1896 E Pluribus Unum dollar coin worth?

The coins are Morgan Dollars not E PLURIBUS UNUM dollars and all 3 are common with the same retail values of $17.00-$26.00 in circulated condition.

What is the value of e pluribus 1888 silver dollar?

Assuming it's circulated, has no mintmarks and depending on the actual grade, values are $32.00-$44.00. The 1888 MORGAN dollar is very common.

How much one 1888 liberty 1 dollar coin worth?

If you mean a 1888 Morgan silver dollar? It's a very common coin. Circulated coins are worth $31.00-$44.00.

How much is an 1888 5 dollar gold coin worth?

An 1888 5 dollar gold coin can be worth anywhere from $400.00 upwards to one grand. It really depends on the circulation of the coin and its overall condition.

How much is a 1888 us dollar worth?

it depends if it is in good condition it may be worth $35-$450

E pluribus unum 1888 one dollar?

Assuming it is the more common Morgan design, your coin is worth between $14 and $16 depending on condition. To clear up some misunderstanding, the motto E Pluribus Unum is 3 separate words, not one, and appears on ALL U.S. coins so its presence is not an identifying characteristic.

How much 1888 eplurlbus dollar is worth?

In circulated condition it's worth about $15 A nice uncirculated one is worth about $30

What is the Worth of 1888 liberty head silver dollar?

It's a Morgan dollar and the 1888 is a common date. Retail values for circulated examples are $15.00 to $27.00 uncirculated coins start at $30.00

What is the Value of 1888 O silver dollar?

what is the value of a 1888 O silver dollar

Is a 1888 siver dollar worth anything?

Circulated 1888 Morgan dollars, without any mintmarks have values from $30.00 to $44.00 depending on the actual grade.

What is the valve of a 1888 e pluribus unum dollar coin in mint condition?

Assuming the coin is Mint State and has no mintmark, the 1888 Morgan dollar is a common date US coin, retail values run from $50.00-$65.00 for typical uncirculated coins. Coins that are bent, corroded, scratched, used as jewelery or have been cleaned have far less value if any to a collector or dealer.NOTE: There is no such thing as a E-PLURIBUS-UNUM coin of any kind.

What are Indian head pennies from 1888 to 1905 worth?

If the coins are in a collectible condition all are worth 50 cents to a dollar for the low grade coins

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