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If you have the rare "No-D" variety of the 1922 Lincoln cent, your coin could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars -- depending on its condition. However, there are 3 sets of dies used to stamp these, and only one set of these dies has that big value (die pair #2) -- the rest are only worth about 1/10th as much (or less). The die pair you want is the one that will show absolutely no trace of the "D" mintmark under the date (even when magnified), and will exhibit a strong strike on the reverse -- no mushiness at all. Refer to Ken Potter's analysis of these coins on his website : There are also tons of these coins out there that are couonterfeit -- where the "D" has been removed. Careful examination with a strong magnifier will reveal these. If you do have the genuine rare variety, then in well-worn condition, it's worth $350-$500 -- in lightly worn condition it's worth $1,200-$2,500 -- in almost uncirculated condition it's worth almost $5,000 -- and a nice uncirculated one will be worth $6,500 to $22,000 or more.

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Q: How much is a 1922 wheat penny worth?
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How much is a Canadian 1922 penny worth?

The 1922 Canadian penny is worth about 50cents to 1.00

How much is a 1922 D wheat penny worth?

I took a while researching and I found that a 1922 D wheat penny Un-circulated is worth about 75 $. Circulated but in very good condition (as in looks to never have been touched) is worth about 18 $ Then depending on condition it can be worth anything from 2 to 17 $.

How much does a 1957 penny worth?

A wheat penny is worth about $1,000,000

How much is a wheat penny from 53 worth?

one penny

How much is an 1919 wheat penny worth?

It depends on the condition of the penny

How much is 1929D wheat penny worth?

The value of a 1929 D wheat penny depends upon the condition that the penny is in. A 1929 D wheat penny that is not in good condition is worth about $4.00, a 1929 D penny in pristine mint condition is worth $446.

How much is a wheat penny 1966 worth?

There are no wheat pennies dated 1966.

How much is a 1989 not wheat penny worth?

It's just a penny spend it.

How much is a philadelphiea wheat penny worth?

Please post a new question and include the date and condition of the wheat penny.

How much is a 1880 wheat penny worth?

Wheat cents were made from 1909 to 1958.

How much is a 1782 wheat penny worth?

Wheat cents were struck from 1909 to 1958

How much is a 1956 wheat penny worth?

About 3 cents.

How much is a 1959 wheat penny worth?

1 cent

How much is a 1935 wheat penny worth?

Please see

How much is a 1954 wheat penny worth?

About 3 cents.

How much is 1923 wheat penny worth?

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How much is for 1943 wheat penny worth?

About 5 cents.

How much is a wheat penny from Philadelphia worth?

It depends on the year.

How much is 1927 wheat penny worth?

The 1927 wheat penny is worth a minimum of .35 cents. Depending on the grade the coin recives (what condition it is in) it can be worth much more. There were 144,440,000 1927 coins minted.

How much is a 1843 copper wheat penny worth?

The first wheat cents were made in 1909.

How much is a 1922 wheat back penny worth?

The 1922 is the 2nd most valuable Lincoln cent and is worth over $500 even in circulated condition. However, if it's a 1922-D, that value drops to around $12 in worn condition and around $80 if uncirculated.

How much is 1942 wheat penny worth?


How much is a 1955 steel wheat penny worth?

There is no such thing.

How much is a 1958 wheat head penny worth?

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How much would a 1945 wheat penny be worth?

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