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A 1971 Eisenhower in circulated condition is worth about $1.10

A nice UNC one is worth about $2.00

They simply made too many millions of these to be valuable.

Those prices are correct for a 1971 Clad dollar, The question asked about the 1971 Silver Dollar. The 40% Silver Dollar coin was sold to collectors directly from the US Mint and would be worth about 7-10 dollars today.

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Q: How much is a 1971 US silver dollar worth in 2006?
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What is a 2006 1 0z fine silver dollar worth?

As of today value is $16.85

What is the value of 1 oz 2006 Silver Dollar Flowing Liberty coin worth?

It is worth what 1 oz of silver is worth which at the time of writing is $27.59 but silver changes in prices very frequently.

What is a 1oz. fine silver liberty one dollar coin from 2006 worth?

$20 - $34

How much is a 2006 liberty eagle PR70 silver dollar worth?

Depending on which company is certifying that grade, it can be worth anywhere from $45 to $125

How much is a 2006 1 oz silver one dollar worth?

Probably around $22-25 USD.

What is a 2006 liberty eagle 1 oz silver dollar worth?

It's a bullion coin sold for its silver content, as of today 1-20-11 value is about $27.00

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How much is a 2006 liberty eagle 1 oz silver dollar worth?

It's a bullion coin sold for its silver content. As of 07/2008 that's around $17 but varies with the spot price of silver - check the financial section of a newspaper, or, for recent quotes.

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How much is a 2006 uncirculated silver dollar worth?

If you are referring to a large coin bearing a picture of Miss Liberty walking, you have a bullion piece sold for its metal content, and worth about $17 at current prices. The denomination of these pieces is artificial because they're sold as precious-metal investments, not for spending. OTOH if you're using the generic term "silver dollar" to refer to one of the small dollar coins carrying a picture of Sacagawea on the front, it's made of copper and manganese, and is worth face value only.

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