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No more than $200. Great guitar - just not worth much.


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How much is a Fender acoustic guitar worth model number f55-12

I'm not sure, but paid $180 for a DG-16 Fender Acoustic guitar manufactured in Korea.

Very easy playing guitar great for beginners, or: worth $250.00

Well it depends you can get a regular acoustic or acoustic electric. If you want a cheaper starter guitar you could get a first act or E-bay guitar for around $30.00. An intermediate guitar would be something like a fender acoustic electric priced around $300.00. If your really looking for a guitar you can get the type of guitar I own that's a Taylor, Taylor acoustic electrics can be priced from 300.00 to 8,000.00.

Fender Concord Acoustic Guitars Imported from China and Korea with Spruce top and Nato back and sides from 1985 - 1992 MSRP at production was $187 - $320 USD

In terms of CHEAP an acoustic guitar is around 600-800 dollars, the cheapest I've seen is 500, That'll be hard to find! Hope this is helpful! -I just bought a great Fender Acoustic-Electric guitar for only $300, but i saw others for as cheap as $150-$200

The value of Eleca EAG 36 acoustic guitar is $129.99.

A proper fender bass guitar will cost you between £300 and £600 (about $400 to $800).

It depends how much you want to pay. you can get a brand new guitar, usually for beginners, for around £50, any encore guitar would be an example of this. then you can pay £10,000+ for say a 1960's original fender strat. it also depends what type of guitar you want to buy, acoustic/electro-acoustic/electric ect... also size, there are so many things!! it really depends on what type of guitar you are looking to buy!!

a soft shell acoustic guitar case ranges from $20 and up. (depending on the quality.)

Depending on the age and quality of your Alvarez acoustic guitar may be worth as little as $180 and as much as $5,000.

Yes, you can. In fact, many people do to decrease the difficulty of playing an acoustic guitar. Nylon strings are much easier to press down and play.

On an electric guitar, what you are hearing are the strings vibrating; on an acoustic, this effect is carried around the hollow cavity in the guitar, which is then channeled out of the sound hole, it is this effect that gives an acoustic guitar so much more output than a strictly electric guitar.

oopsy my last answer was way off. I did not get the question at forst. In my opinion a bass guitar is much better than an acoustic. But that is because I have had more fun on a bass.

how much is a mexican fender telecaster custom guitar 2004/5 worth

about 800,ooo millions of dollars

I don't know too much except I recently purchased an acoustic fender made in korea, plays beautifully.

The worth of your Kent F3C Acoustic Guitar will depend on how well taken care of the guitar is. If it is in good condition, then it may be worth more. The best way to tell how much it is worth is to take it to a guitar store in your area that can appraise your specific model.

electric guitar strings are simply made for the quality of the pick-ups if you put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar it will have a low quality sound and if you put acoustic guitar strings on an electric guitar you will be luck to get much sound at all.

Depends on the quality of the guitar and if you actually plan on playing it.If you're going to play it, then acoustic guitar, as most acoustic guitars are worth much more than $100.If you're not going to play it then take the $100 and spend it on something you will use.

That depends on the guitar it self. One acoustic could weigh only 5 lb while another one might weigh 15 lb.

Dends on what brand and condition.

There are many differences:An electric guitar can be plugged into an amp, while an acoustic guitar can't.An acoustic guitar has a completely different sound. It produces it sound through natural sound amplification while an electric guitar uses electronic pick-ups as well as an electronic amplifier to produce its sound.Acoustic guitars are always hollow, while the majority of electric guitars are solid.An acoustic guitar is much more portable because it is lighter and doesn't need a heavy amp to produce sound.Acoustic guitars are generally larger in size. They require a larger body to produce their amplified sound. The sound the acoustic guitar produces is much more dependent on the body size, types of wood used and shape of the body than the electric guitar is.Electric guitars are generally designed with slimmer necks/bodies and have easier access to higher frets.Also, if you want an acoustic sound while also being able to make it louder, you can attach a pick-up to it to make an electric-acoustic guitar or you can just buy an electric-acoustic guitar from the start.

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