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It sounds to me like you have a MONEX INTERNATIONAL LTD. Bullion coin wich is what it is. 1 oz of pure silver. Approximatley a $20 coin.

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Q: How much is a 1982 1oz silver eagle worth stamped with Monex International Ltd?
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What is the value of a 1982 silver eagle coin with an eagle on the front and a map of North America on the back?

The coin referred to was minted for Monex International Ltd, a commodities brokerage, by the Royal Canadian Mint. It was minted from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver. refers to the coin as a "Monex International silver round". As for the value, that would be based on the market price of silver more than anything else.

Why is a 1982 1 oz silver eagle stamped with monex international ltd not worth the going rate of silver?

Assuming it is a genuine 1 ounce bar, it should be worth whatever one ounce of silver is currently trading for no matter what is stamped into it. Keep in mind that many coin dealers buy for much lower than spot, so it pays to shop around and find the dealer that will pay the most.

What is the value of a silver tray stamped with an eagle in front of Wm Rogers and a star behind his name also with 791 stamped on it?

What is the value of a Silver Platter / WM Rogers 291 With Eagle Star Perfect condition.

Set of silverware stamped Wm Rogers with an eagle on the left a star on the right to the right of the star it says overlaid to the right of that there is a U and S?

I'll bet it is an "I" and an "S": International Silver bought the rights to use the [Eagle] Wm. Rogers [Star] stamp in 1989, and I have some flatware made in 1938 which has "[Eagle] Wm. Rogers [Star] sectional IS" stamped on the back. ("Sectional" refers to heavier plating on areas receiving heavier wear.) Check for photos of a huge number of silverware patterns - I found mine!

What does the WM Rogers stamp IS mean?

International Silver, which bought the rights to the (eagle) Wm Rogers (star) stamp in 1989.

What is a 2007 w silver eagle coin?

A 2007-W Silver Eagle is one Troy ounce of pure silver.

What is the physical change when a gold coin is stamped with an eagle?


Why does this silver eagle dollar have the year 1902 printed on it?

Because the coin is not a silver eagle, with a date 1902 the coin is a MORGAN dollar. The first Silver Eagle was made in 1986.

What is the value of a 1 lb silver eagle coin?

A 1 pound Silver Eagle is worth about $200.

What is the symbol for Silver Eagle Acquisition Corp in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Silver Eagle Acquisition Corp. in NASDAQ is: EAGL.

When was the Silver Eagle coin made?

Silver Eagle coins were first minted in 1986 and are still in production today.

Are silver eagle dollars solid silver?

Yes, Silver Eagles are 99.9% silver.