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The Mexican Onza are one ounce of silver and trade as bullion coins at or near the current spot price, which as of closing today, is $6.77 per ounce. -------------- As of October 1, 2007, silver is $13.67 per troy ounce.

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Q: How much is a 1983 Mexican one onza coin worth in American money?
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How much is a 1983 Mexican one onza coin worth in USA in 2012?

About 20 of them is worth about 237.4 US dollars.

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$1400 and Up.

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Are old Mexican notes worth anything?

Mexican notes issued before 1992 are worth 1/1000th of their face value in current Peso - so a 10,000 Peso note from 1983 is worth about $0.80. Very old notes, especially in mint uncirculated condition are worth more to banknote collectors.

When was Mexican Slayride created?

Mexican Slayride was created on 1983-01-23.

What is the Value of a 1983 Mexican 1000 Peso note?

A very good used example is worth $0.50, rising to $5 for a mint uncirculated condition one.

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Mexico re-valued it's currency in 1992, with 1000 Peso becoming 1 Peso. A 500 Peso note from 1983 is therefore only worth 0.5 Peso ($0.04). A perfect mint condition uncirculated 1983 500 Peso would be worth about $4 to a collector.

What is a Mexican 1983 cincuenta centavos coin worth?

By face value, practically nothing. Fifty Mexican cents (which is the translation of "cincuenta centavos") is 0.5 Mexican pesos, but the peso has since been redefined since 1983; what used to be called 1,000 pesos is now called 1 peso. Therefore, the coin's face value is 0.0005 Mexican pesos, which is less than a hundredth of a United States cent. I wouldn't expect an ordinary 1983 coin to have any special value to collectors, but I'm no numismatist.

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