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How much is a 24kGold Plated 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar worth?


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It's still worth about $36.00 just for the silver, the gold maybe 5 cents. The plating actually killed the collectible value of the coin.

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Any plated coins are only worth their melt value. Fortunately, as of early 2010 that comes to about $14 retail, or about $10 wholesale, for a 1921 Morgan dollar.

A Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper. so a Morgan dollar is .900 silver. sterling silver is .925 and silver bullion is .999 silver

A rare Morgan Silver Dollar is 1876.

The Morgan silver dollar is a collectors item and can be about $39

Neither. The Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver, 10% copper.

An 1879 "Silver Dollar" is a Morgan dollar.

0.77345 Troy Ounces of Silver in a Morgan Silver Dollar.

no the Morgan dollar is made of 90.0% Silver and 10.0% Copper

The melt value of a Morgan silver dollar is about $25.00

The Morgan dollar is 90% silver, or contains about .77 troy ounce of pure silver.

Gold plating a coin destroys its numismatic value. This Morgan dollar has a value based on the worth of silver it contains and that of the bit of gold used to plate it .

A Morgan dollar IS a silver dollar. The term Morgan refers to the designer George T. Morgan who created the images used from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

The Morgan Silver Dollar weighs 26.73 grams

A Morgan Silver dollar is 38.1 mm in diameter and 26.7 gm in weight.

Please check the date again. This coin is not a Morgan Silver Dollar.

A Morgan Silver dollar weighs 26.73 grams. This is equivalent to 0.9429 ounces.

A Morgan 1882 Silver Dollar has 0.7735 of an ounce of silver.

As of 24 April 2013, it's worth about $18 for the silver. Gold-plating alters the coin, which destroys any collector value.

A Morgan dollar weighs 26.73 grams.

1926 makes it a Peace dollar, not a Morgan. Just the same, both types of silver dollars are 90% silver.

Check that coin again. The Morgan silver dollar wasn't introduced until 1878.

It will be located below the DO in dollar.

Morgan silver dollars were not made in 1989.

Morgan dollars contain 412.500 Grains of silver.

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