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How much is a Carole Lombard Gable autograph from 1942 worth?


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The value of an autograph generally is determined by what a collector is willing to pay for it (assuming, of course, that it's authentic). We've handled Carole Lombard memorabilia ranging from her own baby clothing (saved by her mother) to wreckage recovered from the plane crash which took her life. Among these items are many, many authentic Carole Lombard autographs. The Lombard Archive would certainly be happy to take a look at the signature (a clear scan first, then ultimately we would require an examination of the original item), and advise you of our findings. Please feel free to write me an e-mail (send to: lombard@aol.com), and attach a scan if you like. Thanks, Carole Sampeck-Hestand The Lombard Archive/Jean Garceau Collection


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