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First you have to prove it's authentic. Hendrix followers will pay a good buck if the authograph is on a concert ticket, T shirt, photo of Jimi or guitar. But hard to call a price.

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Q: How much is a Jimi Hendrix autograph worth?
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How much is a photo of Jimi Hendrix worth?

Why don't you go look at some posters on They have a big collection of Jimi Hendrix collectibles.

How much is a Jimi Hendrix jacket worth?

15 pounds

How much is the jimi Hendrix experience rechord worth?

do anybody know how much a jimmi hendrix experience double album is worth many thank

How Much Is the 1967 are you experienced by jimi Hendrix worth?


How much is a Jimi Hendrix guitar worth?

Priceless. Most of his guitars are in museums.

How much would an empty bottle of Jimi Hendrix vodka be worth?

About 7.00

How much would a 12 pack case of jimi Hendrix vodka in original case be worth?

Around $9,800.

How much did Jimi Hendrix earn for this first paying gig?

Jimi Hendrix was paid 35 cents for his first paying gig.

How much is Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight limited edition box set worth?

The value of the Jimi Hendrix Isle of Wight limited edition box set is determined by the condition. As of 2014 this set sells for around 200.00 in excellent condition.

How much is Jimi Hendrix flying V worth?

Try searching on ebay. Ive seen them around 1K-5K.

How much is an Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland album worth?

You can buy a new Electric Ladyland CD for around $12.

How much is an Jimi Hendrix record album worth?

i think i have seen his third album in good condition go for $300

How much are Jimi Hendrix's live in Japan albums worth?

I've seen theses albums go for anywhere from $30.00 to $300.00.

How much do Jimi Hendrix guitars sell for?

about £200,000- £280,000

What bands did Jimi Hendrix inspire?

pretty much every band

How much did jimi Hendrix make for his first gig?

35 cents

How much was Jimi Hendrix paid for his first gig?

35 cents

How much was Jimi Hendrix worth when he died?

Jimi Hendrix is PRICELESS. He played for the love of music. Simple as that. I think you would need to know the value of his "estate" which would be all his worldly goods and monies he was due to at the time of his death, his estate is probably worth far in excess of what it would have been when he died with all the royalties from record sales since his death

How much money did Jimi Hendrix make for playing at his first concert?


Who is more famous jimi Hendrix or iron maiden?

Jimi Hendrix is probably slightly more widely known than Iron Maiden; even though Iron Maiden had a longer career, Hendrix changed guitar playing forever. That pretty much explains it.

How much did Jimi Hendrix get paid for his very first gig?

He paid About 300 Dollars.

How much is an autograph from Tonto?

How much would a tonto autograph be worth

Is a gretzky rookie card with a fake autograph still worth money?

No. An autograph devalues a card. It makes the card worth as much as the autograph, and a fake autograph is worth nothing.

How much did Jimi Hendrix weigh?

He weighed around 155 around the time he enlisted in the Army.

How much money did jimi Hendrix earn in a year?

Depending on how many gigs he played that year.