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at the moment, 12 Sept 2007, it is $229 IN SINGAPORE DOLLARS.

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How much is 225000.00 American dollars worth in Singapore?

It estimates to about 337,500 Singapore Dollars.

How much is one US dollar worth in Singapore?

As of 25 March 2016, 1 US Dollar is worth about 1.37 Singapore Dollars.

How much is a PSP in Singapore dollars?

How much is a PSP in Singapore

What is banana money worth in Singapore dollars now?

I guess it could be pretty much worthless now. :/

How much does Scribblenauts cost in Singapore?

about 26.40 in Singapore dollars.

How much would 4 Singapore be worth in Australian Dollars?

As at 14Feb09 they were almost of equal value with AUD1=SGD0.99. SGD4 is worth AUD4.04.

How much money do you start with in Nintendogs?

You start with 500 dollars.

How much does the Nintendogs lab and friends cost?

About thirty dollars

How much money does an animator earn in Singapore?

31,657 Singapore dollars

How much is a portable DVD player in Singapore?

About $100 Singapore dollars.

How much is Minecraft in sg dollars?

25.7107 Singapore Dollars

How much is one pound to Singapore dollars?

It ranges from 2 - 2.5 Singapore dollars. 1 Birtish pound equals 2.19798 SGD (Singapore Dollar) currently. If you round that up, that is about 2.2 Singapore dollars.

How much is 5 us dollars worth in Singapore?

5 USD = 7.27 SGD Source:

How much does Nintendogs cost?

if you get it new its like 30 dollars but if you get it used its like 20-25 dollars

How much is a Singapore dollar coin worth?

One Singapore dollar.

How much money does GameStop give you for nintendogs and cats?

2-8 dollars

How much is the Sony Ericsson Aino?

Its cost about 499US dollars and about $899 in Singapore dollars....

How much is a 5 dollar Singapore worth?

$5.00 SGD (Singapore Dollar) is worth about $3.88 AUD (Australian Dollar).

How much does an iPhone 4S cost in Singapore?

about 600 dollars

How much does a chipmunk cost in Singapore dollars?

About 15 quam

How many dollars is 73 Singapore?

To..? If its United States Dollar then its approximately 52 dollars give or take. If you're asking how much is the value of SGD$73 worth in Singapore then you can probably get very far on non-electronics goods or not a lot if you're purchasing electronics.

How much are sand dollars worth?

they are worth 400 dollars each

How much was a bernina sewing machine 1130 in 1988?

I bought one in 1987 in Singapore for $2700 singapore dollars

How much is peso dollars worth in us?

how much is 2150.00 peso dollars worth in usa as of 2016 ?

How much is 5.00 dollars worth?

5.00 dollars.