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A Porsche Cayenne starts at about $53,000. The diesel version starts at about $57,000.
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How much is car insurance for a Porsche?

Answer . It will depend on the year and model of the Porsche. It will also depend on where you live, your gender, your age, how many other cars you currently have insured, your driving history and which insurance carrier you wish to do business with.

How much horsepower does a Porsche 911 turbo have?

Answer The latest incarnation, the 2007 997 Turbo, has 450 bhp, which is a lot. What year are you talking about. Porsche usually ups the horsepower of their cars from when the model is first introduced until the most recent versions. They also keep increasing the liters of their cars every few yea ( Full Answer )

How much horsepower does a Porsche 944 turbo have?

Porsche 944HP . OK, I'm haven't used these number for a a little while however the Porsche 944 Turbo was produced with two different HP numbers as follows:. Porsche 944 Turbo (85-88)-217. 881/2 - 91 -253. During the 1988 model year Porsche produced two 944 Turbo versions, the 'normal version' ( Full Answer )

How much does a Porsche mechanic earn?

Answer . I made $92,000 last year in the San Francsisco Bay Area. I am a mechanical engineer by training who does a lot of repair and custom work as well. I am not sure how this compares to other Porsche mechanics.. It really depends on how much you want to make. Most Porsche mechanics work on f ( Full Answer )

How much does a Porsche cost?

It depends on the model. The cheapest is around 50,000 Euro, orabout 57,000 US Dollars. The cheapest version of the Porsche 911 isabout 70,000 Euro, not including tax.

How much does a Porsche Cayman cost?

A brand new one where I live (Norway) is 135,000 USD but in Germanyit is about half of that. In America I would guess somewherebetween. Try checking out your local Porsche website!

How much did a 1964 Porsche 356 sc cost?

I paid $5200.00 cash for a new Kelly Green 1964 356 SC Porsche in 1964. About the price of a new Cadilac at that time. I purchased it from Vasek Pollak's Porsche store in Manhattan Beach, CA. It may have been Hermosa or Redondo Beach. Those cities all ran togather and it has been a long time.

How much do Porsche cars cost?

Current Porsches cost between about US$45,000 and US$190,000.. The Cayenne (SUV) comes at a base price of just under US$45,000.. The 911 GT2 (sports car) has a base price of just over US$190,000.

How much is a 911 Porsche Turbo?

The current 911 (997) Turbo has a base price of just overUS$120,000. With all optional features added, it costs aboutUS$150,000. In 2015 cost has gone up.

How much is a Porsche?

It depends on the Porsche you are looking to buy. a Porsche collector myself, i prefer the Porsche Carrera 4 s. its a 4 wheel drive widebody. i manually installed the turbo so its 0-60 in 2.4 seconds and its retail value is about 120k. However, the Porsche Carrera GT is worth about 430-440k.

Where is Porsche from?

Porsche was founded in 1931 by a German engineer, Ferdinand Porsche... It is s German company, which is now owned by Ferdinand's family.

How much hp does a stock Porsche have?

Depends on the model you are looking at. Boxter - 255hp Boxter S - 310hp Cayman - 265hp Cayman S - 320hp 911 Carrera - 345hp 911 Carrera S - 385hp. There is a wide selection of 911 Carrera's that vary in hp from 345hp to 520hp on the GT2. visit the Porsche website and take a look a ( Full Answer )

How much does a Porsche 911 gt3 turbo cost?

There is no such thing as a Porsche 911 GT3 turbo. . There is a Porsche 911 GT3 (997 MKII): 435 bhp, 3.8 l, 6 cl., 2-wheel-drive at approx. EUR 116.000,- base price. . There is also a Porsche 911 turbo (997 MKII): 500 bhp, 3.8 l, 6 cl., twin turbo, 4-wheel-drive at approx. EUR 145.000,- base price ( Full Answer )

How much is a Porsche 911?

Depends on what year!. 1965-1973 911 Top End $80,000. 1974-1977 911 Top End $15,000. 1978-1983 911 Top End $19,000. 1984-1989 911 Top End $30,000. 1990-1993 911 Top End $20,000. 1994-1998 911 Top End $40,000. 1999-2004 911 Top End $50,000. Brian Minson, Editor Porsche 9 Magazine. www.9magaz ( Full Answer )

How much oil does the 1980 Porsche hold?

A 1980 Porsche 911 SC with a 3.0L flat six motor holds about 11 quarts of oil. I would use a nice 20/50 oil. Make sure to check your oil only after your engine is up to operating temp and the engine is running. Don't check it while the engine is cold and off.... Brian Minson, Editor Porsche 9 Magaz ( Full Answer )

Why so much heat to interior of a Porsche 944?

it could be coming from the stickshift boot... underneath the leather is a flexible vinyl boot that commonly splits apart letting engine compartment air inside the cabin. Its easy to check just pull out ashtray and slideout tray below radio.. remove four screws... pull cover and boot up... inspect r ( Full Answer )

How much is a Porsche carerra gt cost?

There is no specific value because they are not being produced any more but at the time it was about $440,000 even though it cost Porsche more money to make.

How much do Porsches cost?

There are many different porsches so you will have to be more specific, however the current line includes cars starting at $58 000 (Porsche Boxster) to $297 000 (Porsche GT2 RS). However the most expensive Porsche that you could find would be on the used markets, it is the Porsche Carrera GT which y ( Full Answer )

How much does a Porsche cayenne cost?

"Under the working name "Cajun", this efficient and sporty model will further expand the world's most successful Porsche segment in the SUV sector. In addition to the new Cayenne, which has clearly consolidated its market position as the most successful sporty SUV in the premium segment, the "Cajun" ( Full Answer )

How much is a Porsche cayenne?

a cayenne turbo is 450 standard but can be modified to 600+ ACTUALLY, you can find used Porsche cayennes for as low as 17,000!

How much is a tune up for a 1987 Porsche 944?

It really isnt too bad. Im getting ready to give my 944 a tune up and it consists of new plugs (5 dollars a piece) new plug wires (75 dollars a set) distributor and rotor (about 60 dollars) Air filter (i bought a K and N racing filter for 45 dollars) and thats about it. Of course you should flush th ( Full Answer )

How much is a 2008 Porsche cayman?

Depends on where you live.. I live in Norway, the 2008 cayman is priced around 100,000 USD In Germany you get it cheaper, maby almost half of the price..

How much is a Porsche boxter?

Low end: 1997, non-S, in fair / poor condition can now be had for as little as $6-7k. High end: Brand new... $50k. Beware: If you are asking this question of, this may not be the car for you. First off, there are whole websites devoted to used car values, but also, they are ( Full Answer )

How much does a Blue Porsche Carrera GT 2010 cost?

1) First of all, you can't buy a 2010 Carrera GT i was just made in a short period of about three years. 2) You'll have to buy a second hand one. 3) Blue is a very rare color on cars, if you cant find a blue one you'll just have to re-paint in. 4) price tag is about 500,000 USD 5) This price will pr ( Full Answer )

How much does a 2000 997 turbo Porsche cost?

The 997 wasn't available in 2000. That model came out in 2005. The Porsche 911 model in 2000 was the 996. The turbo would have been $114,000 to $130,000, depending on options.

How much for brake job on Porsche cayenne?

Quality German made after market parts pads and rotors can be found for $350 per axle. IT is very straightforward to replace as well. Anyone who spends more than $500/axle to replace brakes is getting ripped off.

How much does it cost to replace front breaks on a Porsche boxter?

Front Brakes components for the Porsche Boxster consist of pads, rotors, and pins or bolts and spreader springs that may require replacement depending on what the questioner means when asking about the costs of replacement. Typical replacement of the pads alone is about $100 for the pads and 1 hour ( Full Answer )

How much is a Porsche Carrera?

Starting at 81,000$ go to to customize one & buy It or screw around -bcracIng

How much do Porsche boxster cars cost?

The last Porsche Boxster I purchased, I paid $85,000. It was a new car although had been used at the dealership and had 1,000. miles on it.

How much does a Porsche 928 weigh?

With this model being around for 18 years, you need to boil it down to what year and model. I believe the last German production 928 was in 1995 - these 928's had a variety of engines (4.5L-5.4L) thus causing weights to fluctuate. A good guess would be around 3500-3600 pounds.

How much oil do you use on a 2011 porsche cayenne?

Park the vehicle on a level surface. Drain the oil an change the filter. Add 4.5 quarts of the correct weight oil, start the engine, run for 1 minute, shut down and wait 30 minutes. Check the oil and add as necessary to reach the full mark on the dipstick. You now know the capacity.

How much does a new Porsche Car cost?

The newly released 2013 Prosche Carrera costs around $108,000 - $96,400. While the 2013 Porsche 911 Turbo costs $137,500 - $172,100. Visit your nearest dealers now.

How much is a Porsche 912 valued at KBB?

It depends on the exact model and whether the car is used or new. For example, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) suggests a price of $85,250 for a new Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe or $138,450 for a new Porsche 911 Turbo. KBB offers many options to chose: used/new, model, year, style, packages and options for eve ( Full Answer )

How much room in a Porsche 996?

It was produced as either a 2 passenger or 4 passenger vehicle witharound 4.5 cubic feet of storage in the front. There is very littleroom in this car. After all it is a true sports car.