How much is a Porsche cayenne?

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In Porsche
a cayenne turbo is 450 standard but can be modified to 600+

ACTUALLY, you can find used Porsche cayennes for as low as 17,000!
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How do you change Porsche cayenne battery vehicles?

You need to pull the driver seat as well as the subframe that holds the seat before you can get to the old battery. Pretty obvious Porsche wants you to take it to one of their dealers, since the also made this whole operation more difficult by using bolts that have a proprietary 16 point star head. ( Full Answer )

Porsche Cayenne Fuse Box?

cayenne fuse box's are located on either side of the dashboard. the pannels on the end clip off

How much does a Porsche cayenne cost?

"Under the working name "Cajun", this efficient and sporty model will further expand the world's most successful Porsche segment in the SUV sector. In addition to the new Cayenne, which has clearly consolidated its market position as the most successful sporty SUV in the premium segment, the "Cajun" ( Full Answer )

Where is the battery on a 2005 Porsche cayenne?

Under the driver's seat runs all accessories. The 2005 may also have a second one in the rear under the cargo area that is used for starting. If you need to disconnect the battery, then all you have to do is remove the plastic cover on the floor in front of the driver's seat near the transmission w ( Full Answer )

2004 Porsche cayenne heater fan is where?

The blower fan on a cayenne is under the dash on the right hand side. It can be accessed by removing the panel on the underside of the dash in the passenger foot well.

Where is Porsche cayenne built?

The Porsche Cayenne is manufactured at the Volkswagen BratislavaPlant (Bratislava, Slovakia) alongside the related VolkswagenTouareg and Audi Q7.

How much for brake job on Porsche cayenne?

Quality German made after market parts pads and rotors can be found for $350 per axle. IT is very straightforward to replace as well. Anyone who spends more than $500/axle to replace brakes is getting ripped off.

How much oil do you use on a 2011 porsche cayenne?

Park the vehicle on a level surface. Drain the oil an change the filter. Add 4.5 quarts of the correct weight oil, start the engine, run for 1 minute, shut down and wait 30 minutes. Check the oil and add as necessary to reach the full mark on the dipstick. You now know the capacity.

How did the Porsche Cayenne get its name?

The Porsche Cayenne got its name because cayenne is a spice and isknown to be spicy and hot. So the makers of the car wanted peopleto think of the Porsche Cayenne as a spicy hot car.

How much oil should you buy to replace the synthetic oil in your 2004 Porsche Cayenne?

Depends on the engine take your pick. 2004 - PORSCHE - CAYENNE - 3.2L 6-cyl Engine Code [A] 3189cc CAPACITIES: Engine, with filter..........6.7 quarts [1] Oil Filter MANN Oil Filter (HU9326n) Air Filter MANN Air Filter (C39219) Automatic Transmission, Tiptronic Initial Fill..........9 ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase a Porsche Cayenne?

A place to purchase a Porsche Cayenne is at any Porsche dealership. Another place that would be able to sell a Porsche Cayenne is a car re-sale shop that sells used and refurbished cars.