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Please re-read the markings and repost. There is no such thing as a 22 short 410 long rifle.

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How can you tell what model a Winchester pump 22 short rifle is?

The model number should be stamped into the barrel near the Winchester name. It will say "model" or "model of"

What is a Winchester 22 short model 1890 serial number is 294243?

A pump action rifle.

How can you determine the age of a 22 short Winchester Model 67 rifle?

By adding the serial number to your question.

What is the value of the Winchester model 70 22 short?

The Winchester model 70 is a centerfire rifle. It was never made in 22 short caliber.

What is the value of a Winchester long and long rifle Model 69 22 short?

Your Winchester model 69 can shoot the short,long,and long rifle 22.Your Winchester is selling for between 100-300 dollars depending on condition.

Is 223 caliber Winchester Model 70 a Long or Short Action rifle?

The 223 is considered a Short Action rifle.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 06 22 pump action short and long rifle serial number 643391?

ABOUT $200

What is the age of a 22 short long Winchester Model 62-a-rifle? has sn tables.

What is the value of Winchester rifle 22 short-long or long 491190?

Please include the model number to get the correct answer to your question.

Is a Winchester model 70-308 a short action or long action rifle?

Short action

How much is a Winchester model 72 worth?

w much is a Winchester 72-22 long or short rifle worth?

What year was the Winchester model 1890 22 short rifle with serial number 27996 made?

You will have to contact the Cody Firearms Museum to find out.

What is the age of a Winchester 1892 short rifle Caliber 38-40 Serial 341172?

Your winchester model 1892 was made by winchester in 1906.

What is the value of a Winchester model 67-22 with no serial number that shoots short and long rifle?

your Winchester model 67 was made in between 1934-1963 in the amount of 383,000 rifles.If it is a boys rifle it has a 30% premium.If not it would be worth 200-250 dollars.

What does sl or lr mean on a Winchester model 61 22?

short long and long rifle

Was there a Winchester Model 80 rifle possibly a prototype for the Model 88?

I have a Winchester Model 80 - 22 short rifle, but I am unable to find any info on it. It is pump action, has a hammer, and a hex barrel. The serial # is 554XXX. ---- Two things to clarify here - The above reference to a Model 80 pump rifle is likely the result of an illegible stamp for a Winchester Model 90. I have seen a number of guns within this model described as a Model 80. As for the Model 80 and a relationship to the Model 88, Winchester did develop a prototype bolt-action rifle chambered for .30-80 caliber. Winchester quickly renamed the cartridge to the .308 WCF. Other than the cartridge, there is no relationship to the Model 88.

What is the value of your Winchester or short and long rifle serial number 801585?

In order to give your the correct answer you seek.I will need to have the model of Winchester and the overall condition of the rifle in question.Please include the amount of original finish remaining and the bore,s condition,along with the serial number that you supplied.

What is the value of a model 68-22 short rifle?

If your question is about a Winchester model 68 single shot rifle?This model of Winchester was chambered in 22 long rifle or 22WMR cartridge only.A model 68 will bring between 100-200 dollars for a rifle showing between 60%-80% of it,s original finish and a good bore.

What is the difference between a Winchester Model 67 and Model 67A?

The Winchester Model 67 is a single-shot bolt-action .22 caliber rifle with a barrel-length of about 22". The Winchester 67A is a different , later, improved model of the pre-war model 67. The 67A has a 27 inch bbl, not a 22". This rifle also came in a short-stocked, 20 inch barrel version, which was, in fact, known as "the boy's rifle." The standard 67A is NOT the boy's rifle.... the "boy's rifle" is a sub model of the 67A.

How old and the worth of a Winchester 22 short model 62 A pump?

No way of knowing without you providing a detailed description of the guns overall condition,and a serial number to age the Winchester model 62A pump action .22cal rifle in question.

Where to get parts for model 67 Winchester rifle 22 short and long long rifle?

Go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They should have what you need.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 06 22 pump action short and long rifle serial number 653811b?

if its in pristine condition between 300 & 450 dollars.

How much would a 22 short and long Winchester rifle model 67 be worth?

50-300 usd

What is the value of a Winchester Model rifle?

DEPENDS ON WHAT MODEL AND YEAR 8-)model 1907, may 30 1911, winchester pump, serial # 566045 B, 22 caliber short,long, or long rifles

Does an octagon barrel model 90 22 long rifle Winchester fire center or rim bullets?

The model 1890 Winchester was only chambered in .22 short,22long,22 long rifle,or 22WRF calibers which were all rimfire calibers.