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So many were made it's only worth a quarter


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A 1776-1976 no proof quarter dollar worth in 2012

The bicentennial quarter is extremely common, and is still worth 25 cents.

It's worth face value, whether it's the quarter, half dollar, or dollar.

If it says 1776-1976 on it, then it's a bicentennial quarter, and it's still worth 25 cents.

The bicentennial dollar is extremely common, and still worth one dollar.

If it's truly uncirculated, it could be worth upwards of a dollar. It's hardly a rare coin.

The U.S. Bicentennial was in 1976 (remember when the Declaration of Independence was?)You have an ordinary silver quarter from an ordinary year. It's worth about $3 for its silver content.Bicentennial coins found in circulation are dual-dated (1776-1976) and are made of copper-nickel, not silver, so they're only worth face value.

Your coin is an ordinary Bicentennial quarter that's been "colorized" as a so-called collectible. That makes it an altered coin worth only face value.

Zillions of these were minted for the Bicentennial. If you found it in change, it's only worth a quarter. If it's uncirculated, it might sell for a dollar or so.

There was no special bicentennial version of the time like there was with the quarter, half, and dollar. It's only worth 10 cents.

Assuming the quarter actually says 1776-1976, then it's a common bicentennial quarter and is worth 25 cents.

The bicentennial dollar coin is still worth one dollar.

It's a common coin, still worth one dollar.

it is still a quarter of a dollar, therefore it is still worth 25 cents or a quarter of a Canadian dollar

That's just a bicentennial dollar, and it's worth one dollar.

The bicentennial quarter is worth 25 cents. This question is asked at least once per week.

July 24, 2009 Gold plating a coin destroys its numismatic value. The Bicentennial quarter is worth but a quarter plus the value of the bit of gold used to plate it.

All circulated bicentennial dollars are worth one dollar.

The only gold Bicentennial of Congress coin minted is a Five dollar coin not a half dollar, it is valued at about $300.00.

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