How much is a dyno bike worth?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Mine is worth $400. I'm not exactly sure how much any old one is worth but one sold at auction for $400

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Bicycles generally don't keep their value very well. Your best bet is to check ebay, Craigslist and such to see what similar bikes are selling for.

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Q: How much is a dyno bike worth?
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How much does the 01 Dyno NFX BMX Bike cost?

$189.00 brand new

Whiich bike is better dyno or a gt bike?

dyno is gt technicly but dyno was only made for afew years and they didnt perfect it i have one i love it but name brand gts' are better

What is a Dyno mountain bike disc brake full suspension?

The Dyno mountain bike with full suspension and disc brakes is called "Fierce" I had one myself. It was an amazing bike!

How do you find the age of your dyno bmx bike?

Go to and post on the forums.

How much is a xr50 Honda dirt bike worth?

xr50 honda how much is it worth

How much is mcdonolds worth?

How much is a 150cc,4-stroke dirt bike worth that is in meant condition

How much is the 2000 Dyno NSX worth?

it was a cheaper and more common model of dyno when it came out so i'd guess it to be about 35-55 dollars unless its in really good condition then it could be more valuable. When new they were about 170-210 dollars

How much is Paul Jr Cadillac bike worth?


How much is a starjet bike from the 1970s worth?

Almost $140

How much horsepower does a 2008 KTM450 have?

This is according to Motocross Action Magazine Peaking out at 54.3 horsepower is the 2008 KTM 450SXF on the dyno. It is the most powerful 450 motocross bike on the showroom floors.

How much horsepower does a 2005 Yamaha r6 have?

I ran a Dyno in Jax Fl for six years where i was able to tune my 05 R6. The best dyno pull i achieved was 122.6 hp! The 07 06 and up is a joke.... Cant get a accurate tune on the bike because of the fly by wire throttle. 118 hp was a feet!!!!

How much is a 2000 Honda XR100 dirt bike worth?