How much is a elizabeth 2 dg Regina 2 dollars gold and silver coin dated 1952 2002 how much is it worth?

You are asking about a 2 dollar coin from Canada produced in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee (i.e., 50 years on the throne) in 2002.

Two versions of this coin were produced; the easiest way to differentiate them is by weight.

KM#449 has a nickel ring around an aluminum-bronze center. 27,008,000 were produced, and an example (according to the Standard Catalog of World Coins) is valued at US$4.00 in MS-63 (i.e., nice Uncirculated) condition. This coin weighs 7.300 grams.

KM#449a was produced in sterling silver (i.e., 92.5% silver) with a gold-plated center. 100,000 were produced, all in Proof condition, and an example is valued at US$14.00. Note also that it has 0.2626 troy ounces of silver and so has a melt value (as of May 25, 2013, with silver at US$22.50 per troy ounce) of US$5.91. This coin weighs 8.830 grams.