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Depends on car type

Most cars will travel 350-400 highway miles on a tank.

Smaller car with better mileage will have a smaller tank than a larger car with lower mileage.

As a guide....

Economy, compacts 10 - 13 gal

mid Size - 15-18

Full size - 18-20

Luxury and SUVs 20-30

== == An average gas tank holds about 15-18 gallons of gas. somewhere around 15

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Q: How much is a gas cap?
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What does it mean to cap greenhouse-gas emissions?

To cap means to stop, to put a cap on something. If an industry is producing greenhouse gas, then the government will legislate a cap, meaning it will only be allowed to produce this much greenhouse gas. "Capping greenhouse gas emissions" is the point at which greenhouse gas emissions stop. Each year the cap will be lowered so greenhouse gas emissions will start to decline.

Check gas cap Saturn?

Gas Cap is not on tight, or the seal leaks and you need to replace the cap.

How do you put gas in a Subaru legacy?

find and remove gas cap, fill with gas and replace gas cap.

How do you reset the gas cap light on 2005 buick rendezvous?

The gas cap light will go out automatically after you tighten, or replace the gas cap.

How do you open a honda metropolitan gas cap?

Lift the gas cap cover .. Put the key in the cap and turn it...

What is the gas cap on a car?

The gas cap can prevent vandals from siphoning out (stealing) your gas if you have the type with a lock.

How do you open a gas cap on Ford Fusion?

To open the gas cap on a Ford Fusion, follow these steps:Open the door to access the gas cap.Place your right or left hand on the gas cap.Grip the gas cap with the hand you placed on said gas cap.Twist the gas cap to the left until it opens.Or, if you're filthy rich like me, you'll just buy a new car when the gas runs out. That way, you don't have to bother with cumbersome tasks such as this.Mahalo.

What is a gas cap?

A cap that keeps the gas and gad vapors from escaping from the fuel tank.

How do you open gas cap on 05 mini cooper?

You can open the gas cap, on your 2005 mini Cooper, by pulling up on the gas cap lever. You can find the gas cap lever next to the drivers seat, on the left-hand side.

Where is the gas cap on a 1990 jeep wrangler?

the gas cap is located underneath the license plate bracket the plate usually pull downward to reveal the gas cap

Your suburban is e85 ready but gas cap says to avoid it?

If the Suburban is E85 ready, but the gas cap says to avoid it, then avoid it until a check with a mechanic can be made. The gas cap might be a replacement gas cap if the vehicle was purchased used.

What does it mean when the check fuel cap light is on?

It means that the EVAP system senses a leak in the gas cap, or filler neck. The most common problems that cause this, are a loose gas cap, or a defective gas cap.

Where is gas cap release on a 2011 Chevy Malibu?

Push in gas cap door it will release

How do you replace a gas cap tether?

If the gas cap tether is broken it can be replaced by removing the rubber plug or rivet that holds the tether in place. A new gas cap will need to be purchased and the rivet or rubber plug will have to be reinserted to hold it in the gas cap well.

Why does your gas cap light come on on the instrument panel Yes it stays on it hasn't turned off it is always on.?

Most likely, your gas cap or the o-ring on the gas cap is bad and is not sealing properly. It could also simply be that you do not have the gas cap on tight enough.

Where is the release button for the gas cap on a 2005 BMW 645CI?

It is in the trunk... on the right side you should see a green circle behind the gas cap... pull it out it will release the gas cap..

Chrysler 300 gas cap release?

You just push on the gas cap door. There is no remote release.

How do you put gas in a 2007 street glide?

Unlock the cap on top of the tank then unsqrew the gas cap.

Where is the gas cap release on a 2010 Ford Taurus?

Push the gas cap door in and it will pop open.

What makes gas cap light come on for 2007 dodge caravan?

Loose or defective gas cap.

What is the purpose of radiator cap?

It stops all the gas and water spraying out :) AND because the cap is made of rubber it wouldn't hurt that much if you banged your leg on it..........:) xxx

Why does the check gas cap light come on a 2004 Ford Explorer?

your gas cap may not be installed correctly

Diagnostic results PO440 explanation in a 2003 cavalier?

gas cap seal bad , replace gas cap !!

Why is the gas cap symbol on in your vw beetle?

Because your gas cap is loose. Tighten it and the light will go off.

Could po410 code be for the gas cap?

No, it is not a bad or loose gas cap. It is a problem with the secondary air pump.