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A 1994 Franklin Mint 3-d Star Trek Chess Set is worth around £250 in the UK. An item like this is best sold at a convention to make the top price they command.

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How much is a glass chess board worth?

That depends on the seller.

How much is The Raj chess set from the Franklin Mint worth?

They were offered by Franklin Mint for $2500 back in late 80's. The very detailed chess pieces are intricately hand painted pewter and the playing surface is ivory as you probably know if, you have one. The playing table is mahogany. What it's worth is what ever someone is willing to pay for it. Find the right setting and venue and you could get top dollar.


Worth of stede pewter made in germany

How much is a Franklin Mint glass tridementional Star Trek chess set with silver and 24 carat gold pieces worth in the UK?

One in good condition could fetch you from £160-£500, depending on where you sell it and how desperate the buyers are; this chess set is extremely rare!

How much for a Star Trek next generation pewter model Enterprise?

If it is the Star Trek Franklin Mint- Enterprise 1701-D Pewter Ship, then depending on condition should be worth around $150.

Franklin mint egg chess set is worth how much?

Many of the chess sets are valued in price close to $350 each. The amount for each set will depend upon the condition that it is in.

How much is an antique pewter pitcher worth?

How much is pewter pitcher worth inscibed with h& co #122

Pewter price per ounce?

Pewter is worth approximately 20-25¢ per ounce.

What is a retired 3 to 5 inch gnomes pewter candle holder snuffer set by Franklin Mint worth?

It depends on the year it was made and if you have the original certificate to prove it is real.

How much is pewter?

Pewter is worth 85% Sn 12% Pb (Sb,Cu,Ag) today refining value worth approx US$16/ Kg

How much is a Franklin Mint Battle of Waterloo Chess Set worth?

One set went for auction in June 2008 for £20-30 per this ad: The Waterloo Museum "Battle of Waterloo Chess Set" by Franklin Mint, with boxed set of identification leaflets. Figures are excellent to near mint, board has a few minor chips to edges.

How much is a gold Franklin Mint dollar that is enclosed in its package worth?

how much is a gold dollar worth from the franklin mint worth enclosed in a package worth from the franklin mint

Is pewter worth anything at the pawn shop?

Potentially, but not typically. Pewter is an alloy of tin (85-99%) and copper, bismuth, antimony, or lead. Generally it isn't worth it's weight in melt. There are a few exceptions regarding rare pieces or works by famous people, but generally, pewter isn't worth much.

How much for Alice in Wonderland chess set worth?

About 200 dollars acconrding to checkmate chess sets

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