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Q: How much is a long rifle 22 marksman made by j Stevens chipocee falls mass worth?
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Is a replacement barrel available for a Stevens marksman 22 rifle sn f 102?


How old is a crack barrel J Stevens Marksman 12 22 rifle?

More information needed.

Stevens Marksman 22 rifle the number on rifle is 156 J Stevens Arm Co is also inscribed...Can you tell you how old it is and its value?

You can find them at ranges and American guns for sale On Semtemper10 To Nover 19th

What is the age and value of a Stevens Marksman 22 cal lever action rifle serial number 849?

Go to for answers about antique firearms. Very informative.

Who is the manufacturer of 1936 ranger 101.16 rifle?

savage arms corp (Stevens Chicopee falls Ma. )

What is the value of a Stevens 22 long rifle?

What is the value of a stevens-maynard jr. 22-long riffle? It was made in chicopee falls, mass. U.s.a.

What is the approx worth of your Stevens marksman model 236 22 long rifle marked j Stevens arms company chicopee falls mass?

AnswerTHE MODEL NUMBER DOES NOT MATCH ANY MARKSMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN. IF THAT NUMBER IS ON THE UNDERSIDE OF THE LOWER TANG NEAR THE STOCK MOUNTING SCREW IT IS A SERIAL NUMBER NOT A MODEL NUMBER.The "236" has to do with a parts number or production date. It is not a serial number in the usual sense. I own more than 100 of the Stevens "boys rifles," and every one of them bears a three-digit number -- not likely I would have that many low-serial-number rifles. (Wish I did!)

What is the value of a J Stevens 22 long rifle made in Chicopee Falls MA?

50-125 USD

What is a Utica marksman germany 347 the only marks on the gun and is a 22 long rifle?

I want to know what the Utica marksman is also. I do know it is not long rifle. Will shoot shorts and longs.

What is the age of a 22 LR Stevens Marksman Model K706?

The Stevens Marksman was manufactured by J Stevens Arms between 1911-1930. Most Stevens .22's were not serial numbered, so an exact age will be hard to determine. I recently purchased one in .22 lr. at a Gun Show and have been quite impressed with its accuracy even with a slightly pitted bore. Stevens rifles are a joy to own and shoot providing they remain in safe condition after years of abuse by their former owners (often a boys first rifle in the early 1900's).

How do you reload a marksman Model 1750 Spring Rifle?

Contact Marksman directly See the link below

How powerful is the marksman model 740 air rifle is?

The marksman model 740 is rated at 425 fps.

What is an expert rifle shot called?


What does dmr stand for?

Designated Marksman Rifle. To put it bluntly, It's a sniper rifle.

What is mqbm-r?

Marksmanship Qualification Badge-Marksman with Recoilless Rifle

How do you load a Marksman model 1799 bb rifle?

Your best bet is to contact Marksman directly See the link below

What year was the marksman model 740 made?

THE MARKSMAN MODEL 740 air rifle was introduce in1970. It was discontinue in 1977.

How much is a Stevens 22 long rifle marksman?

The answer will depends heavily on the condition- these are collectible rifles. Fair condition- $150. Excellent condition- $600 or so. You are unfortunately going to need a hands-on appraisal from a competent person.

What is the age of a 22 caliber Springfield Model 83 rifle made by J Stevens Chicopee Falls Mass?

I have had mine since 1965.

What is the value of a rifle marked J Stevens A and T Co Chicopee Falls Mass Pat April 17 '94 23434?

Stevens made many different models of rifle during that time period. Any way you can tell us which model you have? Or caliber?

In what year was a Stevens savage model 87b 22 short long or long rifle made in chicopee falls mass made?

My Dad bought me a new 87B Stevens in 1954. Still have it. Bill D.

What is a marksman 740 air rifle?

I own a Marksman Model 740 .177 pellet rifle. It has a wood-patterned plastic stock. It is a single shot rifle that folds in the middle for cocking. The safety auto-enables after every trigger pull. You must cock and reset the safety. Hope that helps.

Is their a marksman 1740?

1740 what. Are you asking about an air rifle. If so then, Yes, there is a model 1740 air rifle.

What is the age and value of a Stevens model 57 22 long rifle says J Stevens arms company chicopee falls Mass?

this is a misprint. It should be a model 75 rather than a 57 as it appears in the question.

How do you fix marksman 1700 series rifle?

Unfortunately this rifle is not worth repairing. In Excellent condition it is worth $18. It has an FPS of 250 FPS. That's slower than a Daisy Red Ryder. I really suggest you purchase a new air rifle. These air guns were not designed to be repaired. Marksman is owned by Beeman. If you want to try I suggest you call Marksman at 800-822-8005