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How much is a mercury head dime worth?

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Please post a new question and include a date, mintmark and condition. The mintmark is located on the back to the lower left of the coin. It may be blank or it may have a mintmark.

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How much does a1937silver dime worth?

A 1937 Mercury head dime is common, most are valued just for the silver about $3.00.

How much is a1942 Liberty head dime worth?

a 1942 Mercury Head dime is very common, if it has any wear the value is for the silver about $2.00.

How much is a winged head silver dime worth 1944?

it is called a mercury dime it is worth 1 dollar to 50.00 dollars depends on condition

How much is mercury head dime 1917 worth?

It's worth around 10 times its face value.

How much does a 1910 mercury dime worth?

The U.S. Mint did not issue a Mercury Dime in 1910.

How much is a 1913 mercury head dime worth?

Please check again and post a new question. Mercury head dimes were made from 1916 to 1945.

How much is 1936 mercury head dime worth?

Value is $2.00-$4.00 retail for average coins

How much is a mint condition mercury head dime worth?

A date is very much needed, post new question.

How much would 1936 dime be worth now?

A 1939 Mercury Head dime in average circulated condition has a retail value of $2.00-$4.00

How much is a Mercury nickel worth?

Mercury is the name of a dime only.

How much is a 1944 US prince dime worth?

A US dime dated 1944 is a Mercury head dime, it's very common with a likely value of $2.00 just for the silver.

1941 liberty dime worth?

A 1941 Mercury Head dime is a very common coin, circulated coins have retail values of $3.00-$4.00 regardless of any mintmarks.

How much does a 1929 dime worth?

Average values are $4.00 to $5.00 for most circulated 1929 Mercury head dimes.

How much is 10cents dated 1937 worth?

A 1937 Mercury Head dime is worth about $2.00 just for the silver, the collectible value depends on how much wear the coin has.

How much is a 1837 mercury head dime worth?

Please check again and post a new question. There is no such coin - Mercury dimes were issued from 1916 to 1945.

How much is a 1945 mercury head dime worth?

A 90% silver 1945 Mercury dime is fairly common and sells for melt (about $1.60 at today's silver prices) if circulated and $20 or so if absolutely uncirculated.

How much is 1936 Mercury dime worth?

It depends on how much wear it has. the more wear, the less it is worth.

How much is a 1903 mercury dime worth?

In 1903, the style was still the Barber dime, and it's worth $2-10, depending on condition

How much worth a 1943 mercury dime?

It's a common date, worth around $2.

How much is a silver mercury dime mint mark collection worth?


How much is a 1900 Liberty Head mercury dime worth?

Liberty Head dimes were issued from 1892 to 1916. Mercury dimes were issued from 1916 to 1945. They're not the same at all. See the Related Question for more.

How much is a Mercury dime from 1899 worth?

You have a Barber dime; Mercury dimes started in 1916. The value depends on its grade & mint mark, but it's worth at least $4.00 just for the silver.

How much is a 1938 silver mucury dime worth?

The 1938 Mercury dime is common. Average circulated coins are $4.00.

How much money is a 1942 silver dime worth?

A 1942 Mercury silver dime could be worth between $2.00 and $30.00 depending on its condition and grade.

How much is a 1928 silver Indian head dime worth?

no such thing.