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The cost of a metal pin depends on the metal it is made out of. The cost also depends on the amount of metal used in the pin.

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What is a drawing pin made from?


Will a magnet atrract a safety pin?

Yes, as the safety pin is made from metal.

SL100 transistor's pin diagram?

transistor sl 100n has 3 pins and it is work like a switch. there is metal lead in the above metal surface the nearest pin is emeter and last pin is collector and center pin is base

What metal is a bobby pin made out of?

Steel. (Usually has a coating, but the metal is steel)

What metal is a safety pin made from?


What type of metal is a drawing pin made of?


What is the pin in Address to a Haggis?

Its the skewer that goes through the haggis or the metal pin that holds the haggis together in the bag.

How to Repair pin holes in sheet metal?

call hafords

What metal is used for manufacturing gudgeon pin?

plasma nitriding

Why is metal used for a drawing pin?

It is made of metal because it has to be able to punch through the card or paper.

What is a new cotter pin?

A "Cotter Pin" or "Split Pin"is a hairpin shape metal pin,basically a strip if metal folded back on itself with a loop at one end.Usually used to lock a grooved nut to a bolt that will have an appropriate hole to accomodate the pin.Once inserted thru the groove/pin,the excess ends folded round to keep the pin in place.locking the whole assembly.Found on steering arms,drive shaft c/v's etc

Is thumbtack a conductor?

Metal thumbtacks are conductors. The metal pin of the plastic headed tacks will also conduct electricity.

Is a straight pin a conductor or a insulator?

A conductor because metal can circulate electricity.

What materials are the 3 pin plug made of?

The 3 Pin Plug Could Be Made Of Plastic, Metal, Copper, That Sort Of Materials. lol you fish

What is a pin back button?

This is not a button used for fastening a garment. It is made of metal. It attached to your clothing by means of a pin on the back, rather like a safety pin. A pin back button usually has a witty saying, political slogan, or picture on its face. (Other buttons may have a tie-tack clasp: a straight piece of metal that goes through your clothing and has a separate metal piece you put on the back to hold it in place, kind of like a pierced earring.)

What is a toggle?

A toggle is a metal or wooden pin or rod, or similar, which helps you to secure things.

How do you patch a pin hole in a metal pipe?

This is hard to answer with out knowing what type of metal. what the pipe is being used for, the amount of pressure that may be not the pipe.

How much is a horse pin with a clock on it saying japan?

Likely as not, the value is not high, however it would be necessary to have it appraised in person to give a true idea. Take it to a local jeweler, who can give you a better idea. If the pin is set in precious metal, the value will obviously be higher.

How much does a pin weigh?


What is a pin and what is it used for?

A pin is used for temporarily keeping pieces of fabric in place while hand sewing, or sewing on the machine. After sewing you would remove the pin. An actual pin is a very thin piece of metal with a tiny head at one end. This head is to stop the pin slipping all the way through the fabric.

How much are 1992 Elvis Presley lapel pin stamp worth?

{| |- | Scott Number 2721, 2724, and 2731. Most of the lapel pins can be purchased for around 5 dollars. They are typically a metal and enamel pin. The stamps themselves in used condition are available for about 20 cents. |}

Which is a conductor of electricity iron aluminium lead or a safety pin?

All of these are metal, and thus conductors.

Which is better between a 3 pin and a 2 pin plug?

The ground pin in a typical 3-prong plug is needed whenever a metal case on the device being powered could become a shock hazard if the live wire touched the case. A 2-prong plug is used only when there is not such a danger of touching a metal part on the device.

How much is a Girl Scout pin from 1962 worth?

The value of a Girl Scout pin from 1962 depends on various factors. First of all, if someone actually wants to buy the pin and how much they would be willing to pay for the pin. The condition the pin is in would be another factor. A pin in excellent condition would be worth more than a damaged pin. Also, the price you can get for a pin is always changing. The best you can probably hope to get for a 1962 Girl Scout pin is from $5 to $10.

What is a taper in technology?

A taper is a slender candle.In mechanical engineering a taper pin is a metal pin with a gentle tapering shape used to lock two or more parts in place.