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If the "penny side" is copper-colored, then it is probably a magician's coin manufactured from a quarter and a cent, in which case it has no collector's value. On the other hand, if it has a cent reverse where the quarter reverse should be, it may be a legitimate error coin. This determination and evaluation should be made by a reputable dealer in error coins.

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Q: How much is a quarter with a penny stamped on the back worth?
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Value non-stamped penny?

i have a penny ,the back is stamped ,the front is slightly stamped like an outline of the face , maybe 2 numbers ,very hard to see

Penny that the back part is missing is it worth anything?

If the back of the penny is just blank, this penny can be worth a fortune. Have the penny appraised at a coin dealer.

Is the eagle on the back of every states quarter?

not in the penny

How much is a quarter worth with no back?

i have a quarter with no back on it no date with a P

How many wheels does a penny farthings have?

Two wheels on a Penny Farthing: the front one is larger than the back one in proportions similar to the former currency items penny and farthing, which was only worth a quarter of a penny and was much smaller.

What is the value of a quarter blank on the back side and stamped on the face side?

Check with any local coin collector for sure, but this coin can be worth a LOT of money.

Is a quarter that has the back of a nickel stamped over the back of the quarter worth anything?

It's very difficult to evaluate a suspected error coin based solely on a description. These coins should be examined in person by a dealer who's familiar with minting mistakes.

How much is a quarter from 2006 worth?

A quarter from 2006 would still be worth 25 cents.

What is the value of a penny that is half stamped on front and back?

These generally sell in the $5 to $10 range.

What is a 2009 new penny with an upside-down back worth?

its worth $00.1.

What is a 1957 wheat back penny worth?

about 1 cent.

How much is a penny with a cabin on the back worth?

1 cent

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