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If you have a U.S. silver dollar dated 1790, then you have a counterfeit. The mint did not start making silver dollars until 1794

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Q: How much is a silver dollar dated 1790 worth?
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What is the value of a 1790 Susan B Anthony silver dollar?

Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question. Anthony dollars were minted in 1979-81 and 1999. None contain any silver, and circulation versions have no extra value. There are no US silver dollars of any type dated 1790.

What is the value of a 1790 us silver dollar?

The first US silver dollars were minted in 1794. Please check again and post a new question.

What is the value of an 1790 silver dollar?

The U.S. didn't mint silver dollars until 1794. Please post a new question with more details to help evaluate what you have.

What is a 1941 dollar worth in relation to a 2009 dollar?

Here is a website that allows you to compare the value of todays dollar from 1790 through 2007 in severeal different ways.

What is a Benjamin Franklin coin worth this coin was struck in 1790?

It wasn't struck in 1790. Chances are you have a token with Ben Franklin's name on it and the date 1790 (that was the date he died) Since this isn't a US mint issue, it is impossible to say what your coin is made of and its value. Chances are, it has no collector value and is only worth the metal it is made with. For example, a coin the size of a quarter made in silver would be worth about $6, but if it was made in copper it would only be worth about 5 cents.

How much a 1790 quarter ocean rhode island is worth?

2000 dollars

What is the value of a counterfeit 1871 trade dollar?

7-30-11>>> It will depend on if the coin is struck in silver and how fine it is. Some dealers (my self included) and collectors use them as examples to show clients and customers what to look out for. This would be a good coin for that because it is a prime example for a " out of series date" coin. I have seen Trade Dollars dated in the 1790's. As to value? I would say $10.00 to $20.00 or more depending on the quality and composition of this piece.

How much is a us 1790 penny in poor condition worth?

i would say about $20-$50

Is there a picture of a 1790 US quarter dollar?

The first US quarters were minted in 1796, so there are no 1790 quarters.You may be thinking of a 2001 quarter minted to honor Rhode Island as part of the 50 State Quarters program. It shows 1790 on its reverse side, indicating the year that Rhode Island became a state.

How much would 50000 French dollars in the year 1790 be worth in todays Canadian dollars?

4.673.645.009 dollars

How much is a 1790 US penny on back flag over one cents worth?

The US Mint did not produce any pennies in 1790. Please examine your coin again and then submit a new question with more information.

What is 1790 - 1706?

1790 - 1706 = 84

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