How much is an 1901 American silver dollar worth?

1901 is one of those dates that are not real expensive in the circulated grades but becomes very expensive in the uncirculated grades.

A well-worn coin will be worth $15-$20 A lightly-worn coin will be worth $60-$200 An uncirculated coin will be worth $1,500-$11,000 or more!

Professional grading should be considered for your coin if it's in real nice condition.

All the above assumes there is no mintmark on the back of the coin (above the "DO" in DOLLAR).

If your coin has an "O" mintmark, it's common, and will prettymuch only be worth $8 to $25 depending on condition.

If your coin has an "S" mintmark, it's rarer than an "O", and will be worth $10 to $30 in the circulated grades, and $250-$500 in the uncirculated grades.

A 1901 Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver and so it is worth at least the current price of pure silver, which is as of now 11/18/2011 about $32.00 an ounce. The coin contains one ounce of pure silver. Numismatically it's worth at least $50, and if perfect, $325,000....