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Sorry, the first US nickel was made in 1866 please look at the coin again and post new question.


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No one has a picture of a 1803 NICKEL because they don't exist. The first US nickel was made in 1866.

If you can see the 1803 date on the reverse and not the 2004 date on the obverse the coin, it must have a lot of heavy wear. It's just a nickel, spend it. FYI: The first US Nickel was minted in 1866.

There is no such thing as an 1803 U.S. nickel.You have a Lewis & Clark commemorative nickel that was minted in 2004. Turn it over and look next to Jefferson's portrait.These are worth exactly 5 cents.there's no such thing as a 1803 nickel the date of when the nickel is made is on the front next to Jefferson's portrait and also the us mint did not start making nickels until 1866

The coin was not made in 1803 but in 2004 and it's a nickel spend it. +++++++++++++++++ Unless it's in a sealed mint set, it's only worth a nickel. If you're collecting the coins now is the time to pull them out of circulation before they get too much wear on them. The best time to collect any coins is when they first come out, not only are they in better condition, but you won't have to buy them in the future because you saved them when they were new, then they will be worth something. So unless it's in immaculate condition, it's just a nickel, so spend it.

The only nickels with silver in them were minted during WW2. All others are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. A 1957 U.S. nickel is worth less than a dime in circulated condition.

American nickels are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel Canadian nickels used to be pure nickel but are now made out of steel.

Pennies in 1941 were mostly copper, not nickel, and they're worth about 5 cents.

It's not clear what is meant by "silver nickel" If it refers to an American 5 cent coin, U.S. nickels were only ever made out of silver during WWII when nickel was an important military metal. All others are made of an alloy of 75% copper and 25% nickel.

Look at the coin again, the first Buffalo nickel was made in 1913.

1803, that was the louisiana was made,1803

The nickel is made mostly with steel. 94.5% Steel 3.5% Copper 2% Nickel plating (Canadian nickels) --------- 75% copper 25% nickel (american nickels)

It is an American nickel made of copper, silver and manganese during World War 2.

War nickels were only made from 1942-1945. Your nickel is worth exactly five cents.

copper-nickel and its worth 2.00$

All buffalo nickels made from 1913 - 1938 were made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. There were never any buffalo nickels made of silver.

It is made of copper and nickel. A 1949 NICKEL is made from copper & nickel.

The Liberty nickel was not made in 1945. In 1945 there was a silver nickel and that is worth 25 cents.

Canadian coins aren't usable in the US. A Canadian nickel isn't worth anything in the US. IN Canada, the 2004 nickel is worth .05 cents. However, if you can sneak it into your change one day, you'll get .05 cents worth of stuff.

Face value. Victory nickels are worth 5 cents. The exception is the 1944 coin made of an alloy called Tombac. They are incredibly rare, worth @ $10,000. The steel nickel is worth .10cents (in mint).

The buffalo nickel with a penis made in 1913-1938, can be taken to 'most' banks and they will take the nickel, and hand you a $20 bill for every nickel you have that fits the date, nickel, penis.

April 30, 1803. was the date that the purchase treaty was signed by American and French negotiators. October 30, 1803 was the day the Senate ratified the treaty. The US took possession on December 20, 1803.

It has to be either a penny or a nickel but not both. US cents dated 1903 were made of bronze and nickels were (and still are) made of an alloy of copper and nickel.Please check again and post a new question.

The reason is because the dime used to be made of silver, while the nickel has always been a copper/nickel blend. Silver is worth more, which is why the coin could be smaller, but worth more. There used to be a silver half-dime, but the coin was so small that it was replaced by the nickel.

Liberty nickels were made from 1883 to 1912. Your coin is a common Jefferson nickel and is only worth face value.

The only silver nickels ever made were made in 1942-1945. These nickels contain 35% silver. So a 1906 US silver nickel is worth nothing because there is nothing like that. See the related question below for the value of a 1906 US nickel.

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