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How much is an Elvis Presley Working Personnel Worth?

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What is a Elvis Presley coin worth?

An Elvis Presley coin is worth about $150 in th USA.

How much are Elvis Presley LP worth?

i have elvis presley 50th anniversary lp clear purple in clour how much is it worth

How much is a 1951 Elvis Presley Christmas album worth?

There is no 1951 Elvis Presley Christmas Album.

How much are Elvis Presley plates worth?

elvis plates 1986 how much are they worth

What is Elvis Presley net worth?


What was Elvis Presley's net worth?

Elvis Presley had a net worth of $300 million dollars.

How much is a autographed teddy bear by Elvis Presley worth?

How much is a teddy bear signed by Elvis Presley worth? The bear is "Teddy Bear" 1957 one foot and the other foot autographed by Elvis Presley. Copyright 1994 Elvis Enterprises,Inc.

Elvis Presley net worth?

900 million

How much is Elvis Presley g i blues original vinyl worth?

what is elvis presleys album G.I.Blues worth

How much is Elvis Presley worth?

55 million dollars

Are Elvis Presley collection cards worth anything?


What are Elvis Presley collectible liquor bottles worth?


How much is a piece of Elvis Presley hair worth?


How much is Elvis Presley telephone worth today?

About 10.00

Is elvis presley games worth any value?


How much is the original roustabout by Elvis Presley worth?


How much are Elvis Presley concert stubs worth?


How much Elvis Presley DVD collection worth?


How much is an Elvis Presley picture disc album worth?

worth:$250 usd

What is the value of an original photo of Elvis Presley in the army worth?

As all singers do not fight for the nation , that photograph would be worth a great deal to a Elvis Presley fan, and they will spend thousands of pounds.

How much is a Elvis Presley newspaper worth?

What is a news paper dated August 17th of Elvis presleys death worth?

How much are Elvis Presley photo negatives worth?

1 million

What is the worth of Elvis Presley record on a 45?

i would say $117.13

How much is Elvis Presley print 3 faces worth?


What is Elvis Presley album that's all right worth?