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The average life insurance policy is worth around 250,000 dollars to the Survivor. Many people have policies that pay out even higher.

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There is no such thing as an average cost of a Homeowners Insurance policy. Every Risk is different.

George Bailey has a life insurance policy worth $5,000.

This life insurance policy is worth only the face value.

Usually - as much as it was agreed upon at the time when the insurance was bought. When we buy an insurance policy, a maturity value is usually mentioned in the policy document. So, in all probabilities your insurance policy is worth as much as mentioned in the document. Also, since it has been 17 years since the policy was taken, it is possible that the policy has expired or lapsed. In that case, the policy is worthless today.

The cash value is the amount of money your insurance policy is worth to the owner of the policy if the insurance is cancelled and the policy terminated. The insurance company will mail a check to the to the policy owner upon policy termination or cancellation by request of the owner. I would strongly encourage you to consult a professional in your area before cancelling an existing policy. There may be other options and alternatives to access the value of the policy without cancelling the insurance policy.

need to find out how much my life insurance policy is worth

Term insurance is insurance that does not grow in money. If you have a policy of $10,000 for 20 years, it will be worth $10,000 for the entire term of the insurance.

I am curious too, did you ever find out?

Mu uncle found an old live insurance policy and was wondering if it was worth anything/ Policy number is 272892

You don't _have_ to, but why wouldn't you want to take the money you've earned?

No. But you can count it's redeemable value as part of your net worth. Be aware that not all life insurance policies have redeemable value. Contact your insurance agent for more details.

Yes, supplemental health insurance is worth the cost, assuming that your version of Medicare does not cover all costs, including prescriptions and doctors visits. Supplemental coverage is worth the cost if you feel that your primary insurance is not adequate. If you are satisfied with your existing policy than it may not be worth the cost.

You need to call the Insurance Company or look in the statement of values page.

It is estimated that the worth of the average person in the USA is $180.000. Based on personal goods, cash, business ownership and life insurance

One thousand threehundred and sixty-nine dollors. $1,369.00

Yes one should always a home insurance policy. They protect one in case of burglary, accidental damage or natural disasters such as floods and hurricane damage. Without insurance one could have to pay thousands of dollars for potential repairs.

Usually the paid up certificate has the policy details on it and therefore the insurance company will be able to search their records to find the policy. If there is no policy details on the certificate it is still worth contacting the insurer as surely the certificate will have some sort of reference the insurer can use to locate the policy

Most insurance companies wont allow a policy to be reinstaed after the policy has lapsed (or become paid up). once 13 months of premiums are missed usually the policy becomes lapsed and cannot be reinstated after this time.It is worth calling the customer reps for your insurance company who can confirm this.

A long-term care insurance may be worth the money depending on what the policy offers. However, it would be advisable to channel some of the funds to other forms of investments for the future.

If the policy was a term life insurance policy and presuming that you paid all premiums and the policy did not lapse for non-payment, it would be considered to be "fully paid-up". Therefore, upon the insured's death, the insurance company would be obliged to pay the face value of the policy. If the policy was a "whole life insurance policy", cash value would probably have accumulated so it may have more value ($2500 plus the accumulated cash value). A definitive answer cannot be given without reviewing the policy.

depends on the policy. however your deductible will probably be $1000 so it is probably not worth it to replace it with insurance money.

The main advantage of a life insurance settlement is that instead of a life insurance "surrender", (which sometimes happens if the owner can no longer afford the premiums),the owner of the policy can sell the policy to a third party and in turn receive "some" money from it. The person selling will definitely get less than the policy is worth, but more than if they completely gave it up.

"Supplemental inurance provides coverage in areas that most regular insurance policies do not. However, sometimes your regular insurance company will offer optional benefits that you can add onto your policy. What you need to determine is how much your regular insurance will increase and how much you can purchase a supplemental policy for and, obviously, choose the lesser of the two."

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