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How much is auto sales tax in New Mexico?

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Multiple dealers have confirmed with me that the sales tax on automobiles is 3% in New Mexico. It is not the same as the general sales tax.

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Where can you use your trade in as a downpayment?

Patriot Auto Sales in Alamogordo, New Mexico ;-)

New car sales tax in New Mexico?

What is the new car sales tax in new mexico?

How much sales tax do they take in New Mexico?

The state sales tax rate in New Mexico is 5.125%. With local taxes, the total sales tax rate is between 5.125% and 8.688%.

How much is sales tax in New Mexico?

last checked-- it is 7.25%

What is the auto sales tax rate in Kankakee county Illinois?

what is sales tax on new auto in kankakee,illinois

Have new auto sales declined due to the economy?

Yes the economy has declined the new auto sale which makes cars manufacturers suffer from from major sales declining

What sales tax rate do you use if you buy a car Illinois and live in New Mexico?

You will pay New Mexico sales tax.No. !, you will title it and purchase license plates in New Mexico and before you can do that that want to see a bill of sale showing sales tax.Seeing no tax paid you will pay then.

What is the 2009 sales tax rate on a new car in New Mexico?


How much is auto sales tax in Mississippi?

The sales tax on new cars, motor homes and pick-up trucks in Mississippi is 5%. The sales tax on used cars in Mississippi is 5%. For trailers it is 7%.

How were new vehicle sales in the nation affected by the bailout of automakers?

The auto bailout initially had an adverse effect on auto sales. Sales picked up when the government released the cash for clunkers program.

How much is auto sales tax in Mississippi for a used car?

The sales tax on new cars, motor homes and pick-up trucks in Mississippi is 5%. Used sales tax for vehicles under 10,000 pounds is 3%

Does a Texas resident buying a car registered in New Mexico in a private sale pay sales tax in New Mexico or Texas?


Who are some famous people New Mexico?

Singer John Denver was born in Roswell, New Mexico. Auto racing driver Al Unser was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What state doesn't pay auto sales tax?

Several states have no sales tax. Among them are Oregon and New Hampshire.

How much is a bus ticket to New Mexico?

how much is a bus ticket from madsin to new mexico

How much is sales tax on vehicles in New Jersey?

Sales tax is 7% in New Jersey.

How much is the bus ticket from New Mexico to Chicago?

How much is the bus tivket from Chicago to new Mexico

Is labor on auto repair charged sales tax in new york state?


What rate is the sales tax on auto repair labor in New York State?


Is auto sales tax different then general sales tax?

Auto taxes are in many cases the same as general sales tax rates with a few pronounced exceptions. Auto sales sometimes include registration fees, tag fees and delivery charges that are not technically sales taxes, but are collected either at the time of the sale or when registering the vehicle with the state. States that treat auto sales taxes differently than general sales taxes include: Alabama, District of Columbia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia. You can call Zip2Tax if you need more information: (866) 492-8494.

Where are some places to purchase cars in Kent Washington?

There are many auto dealerships in Kent, Washington to shop around and to purchase new and used cars such as Car Guys, Motor Mart Auto Sales and S&S Best Auto Sales.

Where did the Beltway sniper's buy the car used?

Sureshot auto sales, trenton, new jersey

What is interesting about all the auto sales in everyday retailing?

The most interesting part of auto sales is the various methods the car salesmen employ to entice prospective buyers to get behind the wheel of a new model vehicle.

What is the new car sales tax in Tennessee?

7.25% is the auto sales tax in Tenn. In addition local cities may impose an additional sales tax ranging from 1.5% to 2.75%.

How much west is Santa Fe from New Mexico?

The city of Santa Fe is in New Mexico.

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