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How much is lead worth?

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Itdoesn't matter to me. I hate lead. I hate the world. I hate everything but Fred. Go check it out. Go to, and at the top, where it says search, type in Fred. You will love it.

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How much is 1 kilo of lead worth?

1 kilogram of lead is worth about one dollar for every kilogram. Lead is very abundant and not worth very much.

How much is lead worth a pound?

lead is going for $1.12 cents a pound

How much is a 1943 lead wheat penny worth?

It's steel, not lead, and it's worth around 10 cents.

How much is lead worth a per kg?


How much money does linkin park make?

Chester, their lead singer, is worth about $25 million. Mike, their MC/lead vocalist, is worth about $23 million.

How much is lead worth in the UK?

In April 2011 lead was worth £.1.00 a kg or £.1000 a ton, In Oct 2012 lead is worth between 80p and 90p a kilo or £800 to £900 a ton depending where you live and which scrap yard you go to.

How much is 99.9 percent pure lead worth per kg?


How much is a Princess House Lead Crystal table lighter worth?

bout 20 dollhairs

How much is a lead penny worth?

Nothing. It's counterfeit. But if you have a 1943 STEEL penny, it's worth between 10 cents and $2.

How much is twenty pounds of lead worth?

About £1 or £1.50 at current UK scrap prices. The price of scrap has really dropped in the last six months. Current price of lead is approximately $0.42/lb. 20 lbs is worth $8.40.

How much is your Macintosh plus computer worth?

US$2599 is the amount its worth.It can lead to negotiations and the person want to buy it can ask for lesser price but the Computer is worth of $ 2600.

What is a 1943 lead penny worth?

It's made of steel, not lead. In average circulated condition, it's worth around 10 cents.

How much is 24 percent lead crystal worth?

if it is sentimental then you can't put a price on it. it is not sentimental, so how much is a 24% lead crystal candy dish worth, please?just give a CLEAR answer if you will please.If you dont know, just say so. I will look it up elsewhere and save us both time :)

How much is lead worth per pound?

As of July 2014, the price of lead per pound in the United States is ninety-nine cents. When bought in bulk, lead can sometimes be purchased for even less per pound. The cost of lead may also vary depending on its form.

How much is Queen the band worth?

Well, the lead singer Freddie Mercury is worth $100 million dollars USD today. As for his band, I would assume their worth to range around the $10 million USD to $15 million USD mark.

What is the value of 1945 lead penny?

There is no such thing as a lead penny. In 1945 they were made of copper and zinc. If your penny is indeed lead then it is a counterfeit and is worth nothing. However, if it is copper then it is worth only a few cents in circulated condition.

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How much is 1 liter worth?

That's going to depend entirely on what's in the liter. If it's empty, it's worth nothing. If it's a liter of rice, it's worth something. A liter of air or water can be worth a little, especially in certain situations. A liter of lead is worth a little more, and a liter of gold is worth an awful lot.

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How much is allens blacklead compound babbitt metal worth?

An Allen black-lead compound Babbitt metal is a very old coin. It is worth up to one hundred and eighty dollars depending on what shape the coin is in.

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