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The current spot price of silver is $31.71 per ounce, that's the value of this coin.

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The 1999 silver dollar is worth $49.00

The proof version ( P Mintmark ) has a retail value of $21.00 and the bullion is about $18.00

AnswerWith the lady liberty painted, it is now considered a novelty item -- worth $7-$10That is complete bull as the Liberty is one ounce of .999 Silver which is going for over $16.oo per oz. right now.

He is asking about a 1980 LIBERTY Silver Eagle. It is a bullion coin that predates (and was privately minted) the American Silver Eagle (1986). The confusion comes from the reverse having the inscription “One Silver Eagle” which many know to be synonymous with “one silver Dollar“. It is not legal tender and is worth its weight in silver and any premium you can squeeze out of a collector.

The value is directly tied to silver prices. At present (5 June 2012) silver is worth $28.69 per ounce.

That depends. If it is a regular dollar made for circulation it contains no silver and is worth face value. But if it's a collectors silver dollar in witch case it should say something like .999 silver then its worth its weight in silver, value changes with the silver market.

That's a one ounce silver round, so the value varies with the price of silver. As of 20 June 2012, silver is $27.90/ounce.

$32 to $45 depending upon the condition of the coin.

A 1999 1oz silver dollar may be worth up to $50. The value is based on the value of silver at the time of sale. The price of silver changes nearly by the minute.

One ounce of fine silver right now is worth about $42-$44.

At current market prices, silver is worth $31.74 per ounce, so that's the value of your coin.

Post new question. All US coins have the word LIBERTY on them. Also for 1999 there are two different one dollar coins. One is the SBA copper-nickel coin, the other is a large ASE silver coin.

Because of the silver content in the dime, quarter(s) and half dollar.

All silver one dollar American Buffalo coins are dated 2001. Look at the coin again and post new question.

Of course a series 1999 $5 bill isn't a silver certificate. Silver certificates haven't been printed in 50 years. A 1999 $5 is worth face value.

The value of a Silver Eagle coins is determined by the spot price of silver which right now is $29.23 which would be what your coin is worth, with perhaps another dollar added depending on condition for the coin itself.

There are different types of US dollars struck in 1999. By far the most common is the Susan B. Anthony dollar, this is slightly larger than a quarter and contains no silver and is only worth $1. The next most common is the 1999 silver eagle, this has the words "1 oz. fine silver" these coins are worth about melt which depends on the spot price of silver, at the time of writing it would be worth about $22. Then there are a handful of US commemorative silver dollars where the exact value depends on the type, condition and whether it is proof or uncirculated and the mintmark. If your coin is one of these, post a question including the type and mintmark.

Check that coin again. The Susan B. Anthony dollar was only minted 1979-81 and 1999. The woman on a 1903 dollar is Miss Liberty! In any case Ms. Anthony wouldn't have appeared on a 1903 dollar because (a) she was very much alive at the time and (b) she was reviled by the male-dominated society of the time.

This is not a US coin, it's a "silver round". Most are made from .999 pure silver of different weights. Take it to a jeweler to find out how much it's worth.

Dollar coins minted in 1971 and later are not silver. From 1971 to 1999 they were made of copper-nickel. Since 2000 they are made of manganese-brass. Unless these coins are uncirculated or proof strikes in their original package they are just ordinary change worth $1 each.

The average spot price of silver in 1999 was $5.22 per ounce. I think they were selling for about $12.00.

Painting adds no additional value to the coin. It is still a bullion coin and most of its value is in the silver it contains. The value of the silver changes almost daily. Currently it is about $17.