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Q: How much is the Apollo 1969 postcard worth?
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How much is an original newspaper worth from the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing?

how much does Apollo 11 news paper in 1969 thr 2020 worth

How much are old postcard worth?

Some are very valuable others are not worth anything. It depends on the postcard.

How much is a signed postcard worth?

Please reword the question adding who the postcard is signed by.

What is a 1907 dated postcard worth?

Its worth about $500 It is hard to know how much it is worth without knowing what the picture is and the condition of the postcard. Most old postcards are worth about a dollar.

How much is Elvis Presleys autograph worth on a postcard?


How much is a 4 cent postcard with Lincoln on it worth?

About 2 cents.

How much did it cost to mail a Card in 1969?

A postcard required six cents in the United States.

How do you find the value of an old postcard?

by putting it on eBay and seeing how much its worth

How much 1969 German mark worth in euro?

how much worth 1969 german mark in euro

How much is a Happy Easter postcard from Elvis Presley worth?

about $20 dollars but that depends on condition

How much is a Apollo gold coin collection worth?

7000 €

Postcard to Slovakia how much a stamp cost today?

you need to put $1 worth of stamps on the postcard. If you have trouble figuring out how many stamps this will take (its different depending how much your stamp is worth) just go to a US Post Office and ask.

If you have an Apollo 8 silver coin which you purchased in 1968 while stationed in England How much is it worth?

I have an Apollo 8 Silver Coin which I purchased in England in 1968. How much is it worth?

How much are is worth a japan World War 2 postcard?

A few dollars to a collector- try on Ebay

How much is a 1969 harland young stagecoach print worth?

how much is Harland Young 1969 Stagecoach Oil Pianting Huge worth

How much did the Apollo 9 mission cost?

Apollo 9 cost an estimated $340 million in 1969 or approximately $2.2 billion in 2014.

Why did the Apollo 11 land on the moon?

Yes the Apollo 11 very much landed on the moon on 2o/6/1969. The whole world saw it.

How much is your 1969 vw bug worth?

About $4,000

How much for Apollo 11 stamp worth?

Scott Number C76 Airmail stamp pictures the Apollo 11 Eagle module on the moon. This 10c stamp was issued in 1969. It can be purchased used for 40 cents and can be purchased for 65 cents in mint condition.

How much are 5 1969 prince of wales stamps?

how much are 5 1969 price of wales stamps worth

How much did Apollo 11 mission cost?

The Apollo 11 Mission cost 355 Million dollars in 1969 (which equates to 1.75 billion in todays terms).

How much is a bundesrepublik deutschland 1949 1969 coin worth?

How much is a 1949 1969 bumdus republic silver coin

How much postage on a postcard from us to china?

Postcard to Hong Kong...US cost

How much was a euro worth in 1969?

The euro did not exist in 1969. It only went into circulation in 2002.

How much was 10 worth in 1969?

$10.00 in 1969 had the same buying power as $66.63 in 2016.