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Some estimate that the diamond could be valued anywhere between 200 and 250 million dollars US, due to its intensely interesting history and its overwhelming size, beauty and rarity.

Note, however, that this gem is not for sale.

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How much white diamond worth?

Any diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for it.

How much is the smallest diamond worth?

Any diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for it.

How much is a 10k diamond ring worth?

not much...

How much is a Diamond Mine worth?

A lot

How much is it worth black diamond 12 gauge shotgun how much is it worth black diamond 12 gauge shotgun?

100-10000 USD

How much is a z4 diamond worth?

Any diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for it. Z4 is not a common notation that describes a gem-quality diamond.

Is a genuine clean diamond worth as much as a genuine diamond?

I think you are asking if a natural clean diamond is worth as much as a natural diamond that is Not considered clean? The answer is no. A clean diamond means that it is clear from imperfections. Now this can mean clear to the naked eye, or clear under a microscope. Of course the diamond that is clear under the microscope is much worth more than a diamond that is only clear to the naked eye.

How much would a uncut diamond on runescape worth?

As of February 08, 2013, an uncut diamond is worth 6,818 coins.

How much are half carrot diamond earrings worth?

It depends on the cut and the grade of the Diamond.

How much money is diamond worth?

Your answer depends on the quality of the diamond you're buying/ selling.

How much is neil diamond worth?

$300m ish

How much is a diamond chip worth?

$100 to $42,000

How much is the birthstone of April worth?

Well....Modern: Diamond.Mystical: Opal.Traditional: Diamond, Sapphire.So if you go with diamond, quite a lot.The Opal is worth a little.The Sapphire is worth the middle.

How much is a 100 year old diamond worth?

Diamond worth depends on a number of factors such as cut clarity and colour. Only seeing the diamond would allow valuation.

How much is a 2000 carat diamond worth?

A diamond of this size is unknown, and therefore, not something that can be valued.

How much money is the most expensive diamond worth?

The most expensive diamond, by definition, is priceless.

How much is Pokemon diamond worth?

About 10-15 dollars

How much is a Washington state diamond jubilee worth?

About $3

How much is an .8 carat diamond worth?


How much is your diamond quartz watch worth?

Depends on the condition.

What colours are in the Hope Diamond?

The Hope Diamond is basically a blue diamond.

How much is a vintage diamond iron worth?

Which is it made of? Diamond or Iron? This is crucial in knowing whether it is valuable or not.

What does 14kt diamond hGE lind means?

How much is a 14 kt hge lind with diamond worth

How much is 03 ct diamond worth?

This is a relatively tiny diamond. Take it to a jeweler and ask for an evaluation.

How much is a diamond worth?

A diamond is priceless. You can find one underground, rarely.Another AnswerEvery diamond is valued according to its colour, clarity, carat weight and cut.Every diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for it.

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