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Around 1.40 $ US.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-20 18:50:52
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Q: How much is the Magic The Gathering card Solarion worth?
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How much is a Magic The Gathering Archangel worth?

check your local card store

Is Magic The Gathering a Cult?

Magic the Gathering is not a cult. It is a collectible card game.

How can you tell how much a magic The gathering card is worth?

The best way to get up to date information on how much an individual Magic card is worth would be to search completed Ebay auctions.

Are there magic the gathering card shops in Florence Al?

there are some card shops but to magic the gathering shops in perticular

How much is the magic the gathering card called bloodstone cameo worth?

5cents-1.38$ [played to mint]

Is magic the gathering a tv show?

Magic the Gathering is a TCG, or Trading Card Game. There is a show about it, though.

What is the weight of a Magic The Gathering card?


What is the most common magic the gathering card?

a basic land card

What was the first trading card game?

Magic The Gathering

Will card shops trade Pokemon for magic the gathering?


How much is the spirit of resistance card for magic the gathering card worth?

$.25 as per Channelfireball is the standard that most people go by for MTG prices.

When was the Magic The Gathering card game made?

It was introduced in 1993.

What is the weight of one magic the gathering card?

.023 pounds

What is the most popular card game?

magic the gathering is the best card game in the world

Who will buy your Magic the Gathering cards?

nerdy kids and card shops?

What card in magic the gathering makes you put half you library in your graveyard?

The card is called 'Traumatize'.

What is a none aura type card in magic the gathering?

Any card that does not have the subtype '- Aura' is a non-Aura card.

When were Magic the Gathering cards released?

The first Magic: The Gathering cards were released in 1993. Magic is a trading card game where players pretend to be wizards fighting battles against each other.

How can you tell whether a Magic the Gathering card is foiled or not?

A foiled card is one with a shiny, reflective surface.

Which Magic the Gathering card can double your life total?

"Beacon of Immortality" is one.

What is mtg?

Magic The Gathering the world's premier, and first trading card game.

What is the value of Mahamoti Djinn Magic the Gathering card?

Unless the card is from Alpha, Beta or unlimited, the card has an average value of $0.35

What is the value of a textless foil Karn Magic the Gathering card?


How wide are the borders of a magic the gathering card?

1/8th inch or 3 millimeters.

Can the Magic the Gathering card Contaminated Land be used on a swamp?

yes but it would be pointless