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It depends on you're driving record, age, marriage... many aspects. Start with calling an insurance agency and getting quotes.

it also depends on how many times you have crashed before and what type of sports car you are driving.

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Where can one find more information about insurance for sports cars?

One can find more information about insurance for sports cars through and insurance agent. There is a premium insurance which covers these kinds of vehicles.

What is meant by classic insurance?

The term classic insurance may refer to the insurance of classic cars, or an insurance company by the name of Classic Insurance. Classic cars insure at a different rate than regular vehicles used for daily transportation since they are frequently very valuable.

Where do you get insurance for classic cars?

Most company that sells regular insurance can write you a policy for expensive cars. You can get a quote at porsche-944-insurance.insurancequotesch.com.

What is a collector car insurance company?

A classic car insurance company is different from a regular car insurance company because the specialize in classic cars. They will be able to insure you for your more expensive classic car.

How much does insurance go up driving sports car?

Depends on the type of vehicle. The reason sports cars are expensive to insurance is because the parts to fix them are more expensive than other cars.

What companies will insure classic cars?

No, you can get regular insurance and you will be fine. You will be able to get full insurance and your classic car.

What are some low insurance cars?

Cars that are not classified as sports cars are pretty low cost in insurance terms. Be sure to stay away from red and yellow as colors, as well, as police are attracted to those cars.

Where can one get a cheap sports car insurance?

A person can get cost effective sports car insurance through their current insurance provider. Due to the nature of sports cars going fast however they are typically very expensive to insure.

Are Regular Cars Better than Hyrbrid cars?

it depends on how you want to look at it, if your a enviromentialist kind of person then Hybrids are better for the air...Regular cars if you like horsepower, and motor sports and a traditional kind of person then a "Regular car" is for youit depends on how you want to look at it, if your a enviromentialist kind of person then Hybrids are better for the air...Regular cars if you like horsepower, and motor sports and a traditional kind of person then a "Regular car" is for you

Where can one get an insurance for a sport car?

All major auto insurers will insure sports cars just as they will any other car. However, drivers of sports cars pay more on average for insurance because sports cars are faster and more powerful, and therefore more dangerous and more likely to be involved in accidents.

What is meant by Florida car insurance for women drivers?

Get agreed value classic car insurance for classic sports cars, collectible cars, antique cars, trailers, street rods, special interest vehicles, kit cars, race cars

Where can someone find the cheapest insurance for classic cars?

One can contact several insurance companies and ask for their insurance prices for classic cars. One can compare the different prices to find the cheapest insurance for classic cars.

Will the regular car insurance cover the eco cars as well?

"Yes, most regular car insurance companies can also provide coverage for eco friendly cars. Rates will vary from person to person. There are also companies that provide nothing but coverage for eco friendly cars."

Can I use my insurance to insure classic cars?

Yes, it is covered under most insurances. You will be able to get what you want with your regular insurance.

What is a good insurance company for a Maserati?

There are many good insurance companies for luxury sports cars such as the Maserati. One specific insurance company that would be good is TD Insurance.

What services are provided by Linea Directa?

Linea Directa is an insurance company. Specifically, the company provides insurance for vehicles. Some vehicles that are covered by their insurance include company cars, motorbikes, regular cars, and quad vehicles.

What percent of cars are sports cars?

Around 67.932 cars are sports cars

Best cars on insurance?

I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different comapnies: INSURANCE-QUOTES-FREE.INFO

Explain the different types of insurance for cars?

there are 5 insurances in ontario.

Can one person have two policies on two different cars?

Can one person have two car insurance policies on two different cars

What cars are in insurance group 1-3?

Different countries and companies have different systems of rating insurance. You need to specify the country.

Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?

This is due to the greater likelihood of accidents taking place which involve sports cars. This means that the risk of a claim being made against the insurance company is higher, and so they charge a higher price to cover their risk.

Do two cars have to have the same name on the titles to have them under the same insurance policy?

No. I have three cars under the same insurance policy and each is registered to a different name.

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