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the lg dare bill is determined by your plan. for instance if you text, make phone calls and go on the internet chances are your phone bill will be high.


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LG Dare was created in 2008.

$300000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 and 67 cents.

no i have the LG Dare and my plan is on telus

The LG dare from Verizon Wireless is: New From: $270 Used from: $295

LG Dare is not available as a prepaid phone on Verizion Wireless

Verizon Wireless has stopped production and marketing on the LG Dare. This is because the LG Versa was marketed to replace the Dare. However, the LG Versa is becoming old news now because of the LG Chocolate Touch.

The LG Dare is a CMDA phone, not a regular GSM, and has no simcard.

no, LG Dare is not prepaid and needs Verizon service, check out

The LG Dare is a feature filled and innovative handset. There are a few comprehensive reviews available on Youtube as well as PCMag which has a number of reviews for the LG Dare as well as many other handsets.

lg dare is the best phone available now!! i own one!!

i personally have an lg dare and i like it a lot, it takes amazing pictures, is fun to use. i would choose the dare

People have been favoring either the iPhone, or the LG Dare, which are both very excellent touch screen phones. I myself, have had both, and I much prefer the LG Dare.

Verizon is the company that has the lg dare

it depends where you buy it i think you can get as low as 195.99 but i bought mine for 300$

i would say the LG view or the LG dare

it was made by a fjekflejejsjf

Lg dare- Better service Iphone- better device

It depends if u want it for texting or not the texting on the dare u have to get used to. And on the voyager its easy. i think the dare is better i have it and the texting gets easier.

LG DARE does texts with the standard format, not chat format

i would easily say the dare. it has a terrific camera and is all touch screen and funner to use. and really you can use the screen of the dare to "shine" too if you lock it.

i got mine at circuit city

No i have it i love it you should get it

How do I disable ( turn off) the page overview feature on my LG Dare browser. I can't find anything on my browser menu to do that. Thank You.

It is but the LG Voyager or LG Env Touch (Voyager 2) both have better browsers than the dare. the only reason i say this is because the dares touch screen gets annoying

if you order it online, it costs around thirty dollars. otherwise, i have no clue.

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